All the Dark Continents, Third Day: Confirmation

Italy is a day ahead of the Western Central Standard Time zone in which your little dynamo resides.
It seems that on the same day l.d. published All the Dark Continents: Annunciation and All the Dark Continents: Judgment, Mount Etna decided to take action.
What a coincidence. Must be getting lucky in old age.



 Mount Etna has erupted sending molten lava 500ft in the air above Sicily


Looks like Independence Day.  For somebody.


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8 Responses to All the Dark Continents, Third Day: Confirmation

  1. Daughter of Satan says:

    Apparently the roof blew off of the police department in MARIANNA, FLORIDA…home of the notorious “School For Boys”…that you penned that splendid article on many years ago…where torture was routinely carried out.

    Score One for Jehovah! Lol.

  2. ray says:

    Well that’s pretty observant for a Daughter of Satan. I heard the name ‘Marianna’ today also. Brought back the memories.

    But apparently you missed/the name of the twist. ‘Who is like God?’ indeed.

    All will be revealed. Score Two for Jehovah! Not that it ever was really a contest.

  3. The Moonchild says:

    Though I hate your God with a passion; I learned more about this Universe from reading this blog and your commentary over on Disqus than from ANY OTHER REPOSITORY I have ever explored.


    Jack’s Moonchild of ’46

  4. Her says:

    Gynogulag stronger than ever…it is strange; how the American male does not realize that he is a sixth class citizen in his own nation; (and falling fast! – D. Mclean)!

  5. Daughter of Babylon says:

    Poor Ray; for even “Now the End Begins” offers no sanctuary from the Gyno-gulag and Her Karens!

    See; even the “Christian” (lolz) WOMEN know it is Their Job to police recalcitrant males who have the temerity to have a conversation amongst themselves!

    And they make sure to throw in that catch-all noun MISOGYNIST whenever you do not OBEY The Master Class (you know which gender that is!)

    The Goddess need not do anything to constrain Men such as yourself (that is; the two or three Honest Men left on the planet); no! so called “Christian women” do it for Her!

  6. Seen Enough says:

    When you say “Lord nuke this planet from space”; I could not agree with you more.
    It is so dirty; so corrupt; so rapascious; so wicked; so incredibly vile; so drowning in lie on top of lie; it is like living in a Virtual Cesspool. America in particular.
    It is amazing; when you take the blinders that you were indoctrinated with off and see it in all its spectacular hideousness. When it goes; no one in the universe will miss it. In fact; it will be cleansed by its destruction.
    Thank you for your excellent blog; it is an oasis in a desert of mendacities.

  7. ray says:

    You are very welcome, Seen Enough. I salute you for your courage in ‘taking the blinders off’. Take heart, already this world is ‘passing away’ and what comes after will be worth your patience.

  8. ray says:

    LOL well it’s an honest comment I will give you that. Yes I do remember Branham’s prediction. Although I do not place much stock in the counsels of men, I have been watching to see if Branham’s prediction manifests. And you are correct that a herd mentality and not Christianity reigns at NTEB. And pretty much everywhere else.

    A few decades back Hurricane Camille Paglia observed that ‘since femaleness suffuses the world, the pure male is cast out. He has no right to life’. My Boss sure did experience that up-close and personal. And nothing has changed since.

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