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Proving Grounds at Ryu Roku (Part Two: Trumpets Edition)

The buffalo are driven into the sea.  Everything not under Jurisdiction flee.  Only the ‘wild man’, the Indian, can actually see the demon.  Note the bear leading the westward black parade — later appearing on the California-seal, as familiar of Eureka.  Likewise the … Continue reading

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Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Damn sure about time, too.

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Apache Chief

Corbus Field   My homey Sylvester.   Survived the furnace.    

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It Burns, It Burns

  Dow down 222 points.     This is the house that Jack built, y’all.  Remember this house.   (Lance, Robbins)          

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Sharif Don’t Like It

. . . deep in the forest.  And the house was made entirely of candy!   Hinky-dinky parley voo.  Slayers of kingship, western cradle of The Peoples Endless Revolution, co-conspirator with America in masonic births.  Tribally, America kins Great Britain.  But politically and spiritually, … Continue reading

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What’s Black and White and Read All Over?

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Signs in the Skydome II

fruit of rebellion fly-by

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