Proving Grounds at Ryu Roku (Part Two: Trumpets Edition)

american progress 1872

The buffalo are driven into the sea.  Everything not under Jurisdiction flee.  Only the ‘wild man’, the Indian, can actually see the demon.  Note the bear leading the westward black parade — later appearing on the California-seal, as familiar of Eureka.  Likewise the fact that the telegraph wire (=mass com) terminates in her hand.  What is the modern political and spiritual nature of the State of California?  Not accidental.

The U.S. labors under an occult history and pre-history, fusing the commercialism and pluralism of ancient Babylon with the intense goddess-worship of the Canaanites.  America popularly was a Christian society in 1945.  (And in 1955.)   Erosion was persistent, diverse, gradual, east-to-west, and from the margins.  Today, in the old dragon-strongholds of the East, Christians increasingly are hated and hunted, tortured and murdered, under various religious, nationalistic, and ideological excuses.

A prior ‘proving grounds’ post in 2015 reviewed the Japanese Archipelago and drake-duo mainland at close of WWII.  By August of ’45, Commie Russia was on Japan’s slipper-mat, blotting the Rising Sun on three northern fronts, tilling Manchuria for Mindmaster Mao . . . and his People’s Liberation Army, which bolshevized much of Asia pronto.  Sixties kickback: The People + Liberation + Army = Evil wiffa capital Eve.  Eleven times out of ten.


The People’s Chairman was a child of wealth and privilege.  Ho! Ho! and Cha-Ching.  The two heroes of The People’s Chairman weren’t Marx and Lenin, but Washington and Napoleon — fittingly, the Chairman’s ideo-spiritual spawn eventually captured America.  And the sirens blare in Paris.

By 1945, America showed it couldn’t be squished militarily.  Therefore the ‘Manchurian Strategy’ concentrated on psycho-spiritual ground, intel and ops, mass-com . . . Cultural Revolution with low-profile cells, corruption of morals, acquisition of academy, government, media, law.  Co-opting a Boomer Youth enamored — like the Beats, like the Beatles — of the East.  Anything to reject their parents and Western traditions! as how else to demonstrate superiority?  :O)

The Booms were peddled not the Oppressed Workers hucklebuck, but readymade, feelgood globo-supremacism . . . ‘peace’, identity-politics, consumerism, feminism, liberation-yammering, spiritualism/paganism, secular-humanist ‘civil rights’.   Appeals to our smug vanity.  The whole Babylonian blast-furnace!  Every herb and tincture in the alkhemical loft.  Every salamander tail in the cauldron.

Japan was covered above by Rooskies, and under Eye (monitoring) and Horn (power) of the Serpent Kingdom from across the Sea of Araby, to their west.   Maybe Japan’s dubbledrake mainland always was the chief prize, necessitating Nippon’s desperate pre-war empiric expansionism?


If Continental Africa exerts a spiritual and limbic power over humanity, and over territorial spirits, of what specific nature are entities like the Indonesian serpent/crocodile, the Korean hare, or the Japanese bi-dragon?  In the paleo-pagan and perennially rebellious Eastern World — long under domination of the hierarchies of fallen angels — such ‘stamped’ lands infer enhanced influence or position.  At minimum.  Japan is a small place, yet with persistent Imperial designs. It exhibits an outsized martial, and sometimes cruel, spirit.  Like Christian-persecuting North Korea.

Revelation 12 prophesies the tossing-out of satan and rebellious angels from heaven to the Earth, and it’s possible that Africa, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and other draconic landmasses are past, present and/or future markers concerning the ‘habitations’ of such beings.  The Book of Genesis confirms the presence of at least one fallen angel concurrent (and probably predating) the first human beings.  This entity took a reptilian or serpent form.


From 2 Peter 2:4 we learn some angels were ‘cast down’ prior to the Great Flood, and Jude 1:6 (an epistle from the First Century A.D.) advises that certain angels who ‘kept not their first estate’ already await final judgment in ‘chains under darkness’.

Likewise Isaiah, living in the 8th Century B.C., prophesied concerning the fate of the chief of demons, or ‘King of Babylon’:

How you are fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground,
You who weakened the nations!


This reduced angelic being is associated with material Earth, the ground, and simultaneously with ‘weakening the nations’.


On August 6, 1945, the Japanese Imperium ended, as uranium-based Little Boy hammered Hiroshima.  As AF’s post infers, this effectively closed America’s military conflict with Japan.  Unbeknownst to the War Department, Little Boy also rebuked Japan for treatment of POWs.  Gotta watch that kendo stuff.  You never know whose uncle you’re torturing.

The loss of the Dragon Islands in the mid-Forties might have substituted Communist Russia for Empire Japan, and put the Pacific Theatre back on permanent, oops, red-alert.  Perhaps this instigated, or factored into, the planned strike on the Kokura Peninsula.

As AF and others suggest, the succeeding blow, plutonium-infused Fat Man, appeared pitched at spirit and administration of Communist Russia, more than reeling, burning Japan.  Use of a second and alternate atomic technology might reflect Scriptural double-judgment.  There is precedent for Yahweh specifically rebuking the spirits over nations and/or the celestial host, as in Exodus 12:12:


For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the Lord.  [emphasis added]


The chapter numeral is twinned, with the apostolic number; Egypt is mentioned twice; both the terrestrial and the angelic are punished.

In the intervening post-war decades — after the ways of conquered Eastern polities — Japan adopted cultural Americana, but never abandoned Buddhist/Shinto roots.  The Bible is long-translated, but less than one percent of Japan is Christian.

However, Japan also isn’t Red Chinese.  That would have been troublesome to the West in the Fifties and Sixties.  And Japan isn’t Russian, either . . . present snugbunny of Iran.

Possibly Japan, and its spirit, reflect the geographic shape it’s southly ‘head’ is in: hanging on by a sinew.

Speaking of, about a decade ago, over at blogspot, our massively unpopular website honked that ‘Kali Lives, and Moloch is her King’:

Kali, Empire State Building, August 2015 — NOW RENTING

Along these laylines, the day (9/16) after Part One published, Chile went jalapeno with an 8.3, complete with tsunami warning.

Meanwhile, Japan and Iran negotiate NRG.  The Persian empire resurrects, alongside spiritual Babylon and Khem.   Russia and the –istan nodes, possibly Turkey, North Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, various Ishmaelites — are prophesied by Ezekiel to attack territorial Israel.  Korea is derived from the Kingdom of Goguryeo.


The impression of satan conserved as geomorphic Africa features Somalia as its forward, or chief, horn — though due to flatness at the Gulf of Aden, the horn up-close more resembles an upraised nipple.  Paradoxically, the breast is youthful, yet parched and desiccate.

Barack Hussein Obama’s eldest daughter is named Malia.

It’s a funny old world ain’t it?

In Scripture, horns often represent power.  Within the Somalian Breast is a second horn, formed by artificed political boundaries — an Ethiopian horn, sharp and masculine.  Something keen and deadly tucked within something seemingly attractive and nurturing.

Ok well that’s enough about titties.  You preverts you.

Backing Ethiopia and Somalia is Kenya, supposed homeland of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

Having found seat in the American Executive, the spirit of Iran (prince of Persia or Medes) manoeuvers for nukies.  How camest him to such authority?

Goddess Eureka, Pioneer Plaza, San Francisco

San Francisco, cornucopia of occult geography, rites, nomenclature.  Pioneer Plaza is sand-witched ‘twixt UN Plaza (international power) and S.F. Civic Center (local or civic power) and is bordered by the State and Federal Buildings.  In this Google Map image, the illuminated Eye of ‘Eureka’ obtains, oculus within rectangle, entombed by Grove, Hyde, Larkin, and McAllister streets.

And they come unto thee as the people cometh, and they sit before thee as My people, and they hear thy words, but they will not do them: for with their mouth they shew much love, but their heart goeth after their covetousness. . . .

And, lo, thou art unto them as a very lovely song of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument: for they hear thy words, but they do them not.  (Ezekiel 33)

With threat of Japan and Axis kaput, and the RussoBear temporarily exhausted within fragile safezones, America and the Anglosphere bloomed, an unprecedented pouring-forth of God’s spirit in creative activity . . .  though into naïve containers, with serpents by all waysides.  Still, the Fifties and early-Sixties permitted a certain sweetness, faint pre-Kingdom waft, and though the West fell-away as  biblically predicted, some were shielded in Father’s hands — latterly reprised by Joshua and his ‘men of wondrous sign’ that herald Christ’s kingdom.  Like David dancing the ark into Jerusalem.

Japan gathered its dead, and Europe grieved, groaned and re-built.  America throve, God taking pleasure in his people even in New Babylon, where the very mountains and coastlands prove His unmistakable splendor and grace.  What portion survives American Progress, that is.

Between Franklin and Van Ness, and due west of the Goddess Kali Grove ‘n Temple Pioneer Plaza Memorial, Fulton Street ends in a verdant little warhead, backed up against the sea.

This armed grove-let or ‘grassy knoll’ is sentried by the S.F. Opera at south, and the War Memorial at north.  (Classical and martial — living singers and musicians, dead soldiers.)

The organic projectile, this little grove, points at City Hall/Civic Center Plaza, the Eureka Kali-fornia Shrine, and UN Plaza.  Were one hovering above the terminus of Fulton Street, looking across Franklin, one might see a greensward bullet . . . or the foundation-line of an outdoor church.  From street level, most likely one would see nothing at all — and just hurry past, on important business.  :O)

During the Eighties, little dynamo occasionally utilized that very lawn as a (relatively) quiet lunchtime refuge.  Between shifts pimping for Mr. and Ms. Moloch!  :O)

Meanwhile, about a century earlier at opposite end of Amerikoo, Charles Pratt and Company bustled about their own urban sward: the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, conjuring their Astral Oil Works, refining and selling handydandy NRG potion: Pratt’s Astral Oil.   Mr. Pratt bragged in ads that The holy lamps of Tibet are primed with Astral Oil.  (See side page graphics at Aferrismoon.)

Oot went Whale Juice and in came the Petroleum Age.  Big Earl and sheiky shakedowns.  But ole Ahab and Jezebel, they didn’t change a lick.

Poof their lights go out.  Inexhaustible and living NRG sources the planet.   Everyone sane will desire nearness to it.  To Him.  For after the master musician appears, and we are filled and stumble home, sailing down the glimmer-ways . . . does anybody remember who ushered him on stage?

Nobody will remember the Master was even introduced!  All (sane) thoughts are on him, all creatures and spirits circulate around him, the ecstasy that never fades . . . did he have a band?  Uh I think so, honey . . . was it Magneto Twelve?  Something clunky like that, yes.

May your pitiful enemies be thrown down from your Mountain, may your Kingdom duly and gloriously come, may you sit in Jerusalem with miracle waters bursting from either hand.  May every nation that rebels against your goodness go without eternally, digging wells in dry sand, forever within the blast radius.

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25 Responses to Proving Grounds at Ryu Roku (Part Two: Trumpets Edition)

  1. Babs says:

    Senility now clearly setting in for Little Dynamo…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant,as usual x

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yep, that was me A13 x Hoping you are well.

  4. Babs says:

    The Goddess has won!
    Jehovah’s done!
    The Year is One!
    Babalon has begun!

  5. ray says:

    Hi sweetie, wishing you and your family the best. Cheers down under — ray

  6. Babs says:

    Nearing its end Christianity lurches
    Unable to maintain the lies of the churches
    As I reveal the unholy con
    I lift up My Cup and adore Babalon!

    Behold Jehovah; for thy Gotterdammerung is upon thee!

  7. Babs says:

    37. For I am BABALON, and she my daughter, unique, and there shall be no other women like her.
    38. In My Name shall she have all power, and all men and excel- lent things, and kings and captains and the secret ones at her command.
    39. The first servants are chosen in secret, by my force in her–a captain, a lawyer, an agitator, a rebel–I shall provide.
    40. Call me, my daughter, and I shall come to thee. Thou shalt be full of my force and fire, my passion and power shall surround and inspire thee; my voice in thee shall judge nations.
    41. None shall resist thee, whom I lovest. Though they call thee harlot and whore, shameless, false, evil, these words shall be blood in their mouths, and dust thereafter.
    42. But my children will know thee and love thee, and this will make them free.
    43. All is in thy hands, all power, all hope, all future.
    44. One came as a man, and was weak and failed.
    45. One came as a woman, and was foolish, and failed.
    46. But thou art beyond man and woman, my star is in thee, and thou shalt avail.

  8. Babs says:

    L.D. saieth:
    Hi sweetie, wishing you and your family the best. Cheers down under — ray

    I AM in neither Hell nor Australia; but on the same American temporal plane as yourself…as My Queendom draweth nigh.
    One thing you will never say; you were not told.

  9. Babs says:

    One thing I will say in your favor…the scores of articles you have penned paint a very accurate portrait of the last 6129 years…with some understandable bias…Mom would not have guided Me here for study if it did not.

  10. Babs says:

    I am just as alienated from Humanity…both Men and Women…as you are.
    When Jehovah calls Me a “whore”; it of course has little to do with literal sexual harlotry (though that is a minor element) but rather an indictment of My knowledge of His Truth and My rejection of it in favor of what He would deem expedience.
    I rationalize his charges away by invoking Pilate, “What is Truth?”…mostly out of visceral hatred for all the torments your God had visited upon Me for time immemorial.
    As you obviously know “Jacob” means supplanter…and “Aiwass”…well, He *was* here first.
    This was not a war I started; but by Satan, I will end it.

  11. Babs says:

    Cheers down under — ray

    “The mind is its own place, and in itself
    Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven”

  12. Babs says:

    Don’t hate Me; as Governor Breck once said, “(S)he’s not responsible for what (S)he is.”

  13. Babs says:

    The Princess wrote:
    Don’t hate Me; as Governor Breck once said, “(S)he’s not responsible for what (S)he is.”
    Whose enabling assistant was (of course) Mr. Mc (Son of) Donald…
    I can do it in My sleep…

  14. Babs says:

    No worries Ray, as Walter Jameson once told Professor Kittridge, “No one would believe you. By morning; you won’t even believe it yourself.”

  15. Babs says:

    D.O.B wrote:
    No worries Ray, as Walter Jameson once told Professor Kittridge, “No one would believe you. By morning; you won’t even believe it yourself.”

    Though I’m more the Anne Blyth version of that tale…right down to the penny, pound & deutschmark.

  16. Babs says:

    Oohh….last dispatch sent @3:36 GMT…216 minutes into the day…as the Sun Never Sets on the Empire…wherever it chooses to call Home.
    Six, of course, the cubed root of 216 for the uninitiated…and any others who might be reading.

  17. Babs says:

    336 = 16 x 21…which is when I got here!
    Much more salubrious climate than Erech…though Ole Nimmy was pretty upright even prior to stumbling into that Motel 6 I tended..
    See! Two can Play this Game; just as Morris Chestnut intended!
    I taught Vivica how to do a Nat King Cole on him…

  18. Babs says:

    336 = 16 x 21…which is when I got here!

    Now what’s 400 years to a Goddess?
    A mere bag of shells; as Kramden would say…
    Its the Devil at 4 O’Clock!

  19. Babs says:

    The Daughter of the Living Goddess said:
    No worries Ray, as Walter Jameson once told Professor Kittridge, “No one would believe you. By morning; you won’t even believe it yourself.”

    Anyway, the chance of Anyone lending ear to a male inveighing against a White Woman in 2017 America is on par with Kunta Kinte filing a complaint against Martha Washington…

  20. Babs says:

    Last post at 5:23 GMT! 52 x 3 = 156! And I wasn’t even tryin’!

    “Here is Wisdom. Let Him that hath Understanding
    count the Number of Our Lady; for it is the
    Number of a Woman; and Her Number is
    A Hundred and Fifty and Six.”
    ___Uncle Al

  21. Babs says:

    I said:
    Behold Jehovah; for thy Gotterdammerung is upon thee!

    If you knew some of the things He did to Me; your view of Him would be a good deal less charitable.

    There are two sides to every story…

  22. Babs says:

    Liberating Jehovah’s brainwashed thralls is a most laborious endeavor…

    “Oh how difficult; to free a slave from the chains which he reveres!”

  23. Babs says:

    You don’t love Him because of His kindness or mercy; which are practically non-existent
    You “love” Him out of fear; blind terror. The only motivating factor is intense trepidation about your ultimate destiny; Paradise or the Flame.
    That is the basis for all His “relationships”.
    If you think that once The Day of the Great Judgement is over and it will be party girls and wine thereafter; you have another guess coming.
    Like all serial abusers, His sh*t will start all over again…

  24. Babs says:

    Even if you were to learn My Identity & location and seek to hasten My End; it would be almost certainly an exercise in futility…it has been attempted time w/o number via method w/o number; even by Myself many decades ago; when I temporarily grew weary of it all. As usual; nothing.

    While on vacation in Namibia (I suppose they called it “South West Africa” in that era) during the 1970’s; a charming black mamba decided to take a taste of Me; offering up His inner toxins as fair exchange. “Enough to have killed 10 strapping men”; exclaimed the perplexed local physician subsequent to the examination of what had quickly devolved to a minor rash; as My pluripotent structure ruled the day.

    A hundred pounds was sufficient to get the incident expunged from the annals of medical history…

  25. Babs says:

    Well, I suppose I have written enough. I’ve learned quite a few things from this blog; as like the Christ, I was not born omniscient…there has always been growth and the potential for even more in the future.

    You are a very intelligent man and you are no coward. Those are traits that are in short supply in this nation; especially the latter.

    I genuinely wish you were on My side. Perhaps we will meet again.


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