All the Dark Continents : Retrofit



Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.


(Revelation 3, King Jeshua to the spirit/church of Philadelphia)








Why did Pa Yah locate The Early Action in the Levant? — the post-flood Nimrodian cities branching from Shinar/Sumer, and its celestial siege-tower, Babel; Hebrew bondages including Babylon and Egypt; escape through Sinai and ascent of the King’s Highway; Joshua taking Jericho and lands west of the Jordan; and of course the lives of King Jeshua, his apostles, and his OT prophets?


Why site mondo drama in one (relatively) tiny hank of desiccated lizzurdland?  transformed into a geospiritual Ground Zero of war, struggle, redemption?  ‘ears a cloo.





After the flood, the LORD assigned angels to various geographies/nations/cultures, as instructors and governors and guardians, to characterize territories, and prevent or restrict the spread of wickedness in postdiluvial human populations.


U.S., likewise.  One cultural influencer from around 1950 to about 1970. . . and a very different influencer thenceforth.


Postdiluvial Earth was scrubbed of interbreeding and wickedness, yet remained under the rebellion and curses of Eden, to this day — choosing satan and his worldly systems as Our Way of Life.


Even the presence, preaching, and miracles of the King couldn’t sway the bulk of humanity. (‘Give us Barrabbas!’)  Jeshua, who performed numerous public miracles, did no evil, and loved mightily, ended up with only 72 pentecostal kin-of-spirit.


Thus, after the Flood the world was still divided against itself, because divided spiritually . . . still suffering, moaning and writhing, overshadowed by a malevolent presence.  So placed under supervision of the firstborn:


When the Most High assigned lands to the nations
when he divided up the human race
according to the number in his heavenly court.

(Deut. 32)


Before this (temporary) assig-nation of influences, the planet was unitary (‘Pangea’) —  foreshadowing the eventual removal of Earth’s seas by Christ’s Kingdom.  The continents, after separation, also took on specific spiritual influences and natures — see All the Dark Continents from 2010.  (Graphic note: only non-contiguous Australia/New Zealand escaped direct physical contact during the Pangeac period.)


images s


‘Classic’ South America was attached to Africa limbically, rear of head/spine, while North America got hitched to the upper back of satan’s brain/will . . . another suggestion of his ancient sway over lands, creatures, and eventually cultures — most of which, of course, occurs as unseen as air.   Steadfast OT prophet Daniel learned that satan has big yank over the planet’s nations, mostly via ‘national spirits’.  (Daniel 10, especially verses 20-21)


Fallen spirits don’t want human beings to know that certain prayers are heard, and thus powerful.  Or that God cares so deeply for human beings.  Or that the Second Temple needed building so Christ could preach in it, and defend it.  Satan doesn’t want folks knowing why and how he arranges works in this world.  That’s why the mind of Cyrus became a battleground.


Satan is ‘prince of mid-air’ = sublunarity, especially lower terran atmospheres.  But simultaneously, as Scripture reveals, a material authority exists, as the ‘whole world lies under satan’s power’.  All the continents are Dark, although the darkness congealed and gathered potency in one locale: Africa.  Huge, patient, cunning, waiting for Levantine births, sharpening that great horn against coming hunts.


HEY!  Still listening?




Today — 9/30 — the CDC confirmed the Ebola virus Has Landed In Dallas.   Lair of the triple-goddess, double-warned by twisters, and vet of the West Nile Virus . . . where the (political) Kingkill went down fifty years gone, and New Amerika embraced hate over Love Field.  Evil arose and evil alighted.  Cursed tarmac.





The male Ebola carrier arrived from Liberia, at lower-base of the ‘African Fathead’.





When you kill a king, you don’t stab him in the dark.  You kill him where the entire court can watch him die.  (‘Gangs of New York’)



The LORD didn’t want B.C. spiritual confrontations unfolding in the New World, with its scattered tribal populations and haphazard oral communications . . . nor way off in Northern Wastes, nor in some itty bitty island or the Far Easties.  He wanted it all to happen right in front of the Face of Satan.   The life of Jeshua Christ, the works of the prophets, the testimony of the apostles — eye to eye, hand to hand.


Yahweh selected the Levant, where he’d gathered the Hebrew tribes to introduce Father and fatherhood to Earth.  In Bethlehem he planted a human child, Jeshua, with only the truth and Father’s own spirit, to stand against the vast, raging power of satan.   A holy and faultlesss life, pleasing to Father, lived under satan’s gaze.


When some of the OT Hebrews fled Egypt, they broke tribally and spiritually from satan’s forebrain, passing forty years through Sinai, spiritual DMZ, Testing Ground, White Sands East . . . liminate ‘tween satan/Africa and Israel, as the (original) Promised Land.  The Holy Land is in satan’s own cerebral front-yard, but not IN satan.


Though satan persecutes the Lord’s people globally, where are the current atrocities concentrated?  The crucifixions (mocking Christ) and beheadings (mocking John)?  In Africa and the Mid-East.  Satan has many servants in America, great and small, but also many enemies.  Africa and the Middle-East offer direct push, easy targets, little organized resistance.


Indigenous Africans, alive upon satan’s sweating brow, yet resisting his power, are blessed indeed . . . surely prized by Christ.  Overcomers.  Typically, African-Americans were closest to God during their enslavement.


The reality of satan’s mug embossed on a continent doesn’t necessitate blanket condemnation of Africans, nor of the continent, given lack of Scriptural evidence.  Noah’s ‘Hamite’ (actually, Canaanite) curse points broadly, but not inclusively, towards African/Middle Eastern lineages.



Christ didn’t command us to love this group, but not that group.  If he’d wanted a race excluded, he’d have mentioned it.


Still, in large part, the ‘imported influences’ of the Dark Continent upon the New World were pre-Ebola carriers of temptation and corruption — matriarchal and matrifocal family/social structures (with mass fatherlessness), unbridled libido, drugs, crime, and the cult of Selfdom and personal aggrandizement.  Satan’s specialties.


The spirit over current America isn’t the spirit culturally effective in the late Fifties.  America was already much corrupted by 1950, but the nation was still struggling and ‘up for grabs’.   The pre-seventies spirit was artistic, naïve, quirky, but definitely masculine.  Just because the Boomers jettisoned love for material goods and fat lives, doesn’t mean the Love Generation was totally phake.  For a little while Christ’s New Command throve . . . embraced by few, and much larger than any individual.  Not the Dawn of Aquarius, but the Kingdom of Heaven, checking us in its rear-view mirror.


The United States has always been at civil war, even before its official creation.  Here, where long ago the beest deposited his hindbrain spoor, terraforming the Eastern Seaboard.  Put a goddess in the harbor to memorialize.


America, little eden, full of geo-material bounty and vast wild beauty, wasn’t created for the serpent tribes. The LORD also established his own people within, dispersed remnant of witness and resistance against the nation’s occult machinations and doom.   For them the land was blessed.


In America, God permitted The People to choose their ‘leading spirit’, and like politicians, who reflect the collective will of constituencies, a living spirit affects the nation’s particular times, gestalt, means of expression, and collective desire or will.  But unlike politicians, these spirits are not the sums of collective human will, but have individual, free wills.


If God didn’t permit this choice in America, we’d never hear the end of whining about what a Mean Old Patriarchal Dictator God is, and how pore US never get to be burgher-kings and Have It Our Way.  Same rap satan runs.  ‘I never REALLY got a fair chance’!  Well, in America he’s having it all his way.  His systems, his leaders, his ideologies, his idols, his values.  America isn’t an experiment, it’s a court case.


Scripture hints strongly that instead of destruction, the lands and (certain) peoples of Africa will be rehabilitated subsequent to satan’s binding and reduction in influence worldwide.


Following King Jeshua’s return, the near-environs of Jerusalem will be hallowed and healed, beginning with elements, flora, and fauna, centered in Christ’s Holy Mountain.





The wondrous and LIVING water issuing from the King’s Throne hurries east and west through the “prince’s” twin-districts, to re-sanctify and heal the Mediterranean, the Dead Sea (will need another name for it!) and of course the Jordan.  [Ezekiel 47]  Tributaries will course both north and south, and rejuvenate the King’s near neighbors, Benjamin and Judah.  Blessing the people.  The plants, the animals, the stones and soil.  The atmosphere.  All things will be invigorated by contact with this astonishing Mercy Water, and the wastelands will bloom and thrive.


This begins the lifting of Eden’s curse on the people and land.


map land millennium


[Ezekiel 48, inheritances during the Millennium]


The Lord of Heaven and Earth is not a micromanager.  To say the least.  Nor a schmoozer.


He mostly will reside in His Temple in/near Jerusalem, and delegate administrative tasks to servants, while handling the miraculous chores Himself.


The restorations sourced beneath His Throne will affect many proximate lands.  Remnants from ancient enemies Egypt and Assyria will share in these healings and blessings.  (Below, millennial ‘Assyria’ probably doesn’t mean modern Syria proper, but more the Iraq/Iran/Tigris-Euphrates area.  Thus, ancient babylon itself.)


And Jehovah will smite Egypt, smiting and healing, and they shall return unto Jehovah, and he shall be entreated of them, and will heal them . . . .  In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the Earth; for that Jehovah of Hosts hath blessed them.  (Isaiah 19)


Preach it Isaiah!


As Sinai was foothold bridge out of Egyptian enslavement under dark-continental influence, the restoration of Africa begins with what once was satan’s forebrain and Nile lifeblood.  With connective-tissue link Egypt turning spiritually, and being cleansed physically, the Dark Continent at last begins to see the Light.


Ah, there it is.  Limns the brooding pate of shaitan.  And what part of that vasty skull has gone a’miss?


Why Uncle Sugah and Ant John, I do declare!  It’s his crown.




Nasty looking gouge there.  Let’s take a look and help a brother out.


Well sir: I’m afraid whatever it was, it left a mark.  Yeah


Big Jim got his hat

find out where it’s at

and it’s not hustling people strange to you


(J. Croce, 1972)


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