Honolulu Aftershocks












Pearl Harbor Day, December 7: a 7.3 rockripper revisits Sendai, Japan, near last year’s 9.0 terrorizer.












We have an island chain, just offshore the mainland Eastern Continent, capped by dual dragon-heads.  The volcanic archipelago bookends Asia, Inja, Roosky-a, and the Mideast, with its Master at antipode, great-horned and gazing east, trading signals with Hokkaido Head, while Kyushu Cranium forwards commands south and east.













The Pearl Harbor date links Japan and America, once enemies, now compadres-in-drak, full of commerce and iniquity.  Twin Beasts in the East.

Hurricane Sandy approximates earthquake/tsunami Send-ai in structure and pronunciation, both recipients, and harbingers, of judgment.

Both Sendai quakes attacked near heart of eastward-facing Hokkaido Head serpent.  The doppledragon’s noggins already are severed from its body.

Splains a lot!  Make anybody grumpy.


If satan is divided against himself, how can his kingdom stand?

(Luke 11)


Most of the East, especially India, China, and Japan, is long devoted to dragon or serpent worship.  Geomorphism is not accidental.

Japan’s symbol, rising sun, is shared by freshly re-installed Emperor of America, Hussein Obamun — and all the ceremonies and rituals we’ve tracked from Canaaninte and Danite hilltops, to Dealey Plaza, to Blue Rock Springs, to the white house of our Solnigredic King, are solar, or stellar, rites.  Biblically, “worshipping the host of heaven,” which happened to be a canaanite specialty.  Ba’al is a solar deity.

Like Columbia-America, the Phoenicians or Canaanites were mercantilists and financiers, who built statues to goddesses, and set up pagan kings.










One of this blog’s hopes is showing some “signatures” of God, especially in major events.  Whether 9-11, crop-drought in the Midwest, the ’03 Indian Ocean Bigwave, the Giffords shootings, or shakers in Sendai, what appear as random chaotic occurences are instead God proceeding in orderly fashion, opening his secret language of events to us, that we know why he allows something to happen, and are comforted instead of frightened.

The past dozen years, cohesive judgment- events, with comprehensible signatures, continue in irrepressible succession.  Despite great wickedness, God is patiently laying-out these warning events, giving even the stoopidest of us (= little dynamo) at the densest of locales (= this here Loser Blog) an opportunity to open our hearts to sorrowing Father, in contriteness and gratitude, in humility and love.

We can grieve with the afflicted peoples and critters, while still thrilling that our prayers manifest, and teeter on ultimate fulfillment: at last a great and holy king, at last a king who serves instead of enslaves, gives rather than takes, pouring himself out on his chosen people, refusing none of us comfort, no matter how wretched we be. 

When something holy (Christ) bumps into something unholy (Earth), the unholy thing commences cracking, gurgling, wobbling, aching n shaking.

When the Mount of Olives meets Jesus’ feet, the rock can’t withstand him, and splits.

Usually, tho, it’s a process, transforming an illuminated serpent into something acceptable to God.













Isaiah predicts Egypt will suffer under a “harsh king.”  Sounds topical.

Assyria is the cradle of rebellion, an original fortress of  Nimrod.   


[T]he Lord will strike Egypt, striking and healing, and they will return to the Lord, and he will listen to their pleas for mercy and heal them. In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and Assyria will come into Egypt, and Egypt into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians.  (Isaiah 19)


The Land-o-Khem itself, the viper’s pit, returning to the Lord?

Yup.  Egypt wasn’t always snakebit, not always a silmaril in satan’s fevered forehead.  

For now, Pharaoh is still throning.  That line, however, will expire.

Assyria, Egypt . . . even ancient enemies are welcomed in Christ’s Millennium.  He is King of Forgiveness.

Egypt will be resurrected, from a sweatbead of satan, to a  jewell in the crown of the King . . . and happily placed, at that!

Prince of Ni-pon: take a hint, and smell the breakfast noodles.  Throw old associations into the Yellow Sea.  Head for firm ground.

Jesus is a man.  Not an angel. 

Stars are for navigation, not worshipping.


Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy:
Do you hear what I hear?


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10 Responses to Honolulu Aftershocks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi ray, we got a bit of a shake last night 🙂 woke all of us up here…


    “The 7.3 (Richter scale) tremor originated in the Banda Sea, off the coast of Indonesia, at 2.27am CST”

    Quack 🙂

  2. ray says:

    indonesia 7.3, three or four days after the sendai 7.3

    i think that qualifies as “aftershock”

    pharaoh grew up in indonesia, and has said:

    “Indonesia is a part of me”

    last time he visited, Merapi blew, and he and the ChiCrew had to skedaddle

    same pattern i talked about above, with the japan quakes, shattering the serpent — indonesia geomorphically is a snake:


    sincere apologies on the darwin dopple i trust no ducklings were damaged in the course of de uh construction


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sandy came back with a hook


  4. ray says:

    Sandy came back with a hook

    agreed anon — i wrote a post last night about it, expect to publish soon


  5. ray says:

    the link above concerns systematic torture and murder of boys in marianna, florida, over many decades

    in 2008 i wrote about it here —


    i’m glad to see this outrage is being investigated, by no means have i forgotten about it

    the State only closed the prison bc of “budgetary considerations”

    thx anon for bringing it to our attention again, cheers

  6. Anonymous says:

    Newtown is home to Fairfield Mills which was used as Wilkinson Boys Home in the film about ‘Sleepers’, which portrays an institution where boys are systematically beaten and raped.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Fairfield Hills

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi ray…this hole thing stinks…
    did ya see the croc o dile tears from the pharo??
    what a pathetic display…but who could expect more??
    Agenda 21…disarm.
    hope all is good xx00

  9. A13 says:

    HI ray the above comment was me..quack..for some stoopid reason we have to now log in to comment..
    looking forward to your next post.
    Cheers A

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