The Vans Warped Tour








—–> In the mid-Nineties, a  fringe-rock and extreme-sports promoter named Kevin Lyman (ouch) supersized his Warped Tour metalheads by incorporating skate-ska Vans Shoe Company into his enterprise, from which a Third Thing  emerged prompt and Hegelic: the Vans Warped Tour, an annual music, skate, and extreme-sports roaming carny.  Vans are a status-symbol, shoe-of-choice for skateboarders, trustfund hipsters, spoiled leftie brats, and thus.












Vans various, background non-optional









French spook diplomat/ambassador Stephane Hessel,  pictured at a pro-Palestinian rally, sporting the bloodred pileus of the Goddess (and looking damn goofy doing it)


As in the West, the demon “goddess” is at core, kore, of Islamic worship — as the black-stone kaaba shrine.  Uh, what is it jihadists were promised in the afterlife?  How many tasty virgins was that again?  Same game, new millennium.  Everybody knows this is nowhere.

The occult, Hermetic/Chaldean practice of kaaballa derives from the same source, as certain Hebrews “passed through” both Babylon and pre-Islamic, Arabic influences and mysto-cultures, resulting in such degradations as kabbala and the Talmud.  Exactly as in the American/Western “churches,” lip-service is given to God, to the Father, to Allah . . . but the Goddess’ will is done.)

Here’s Mari-anna, “Symbol of the French Republic.”  Loses out on style-points to resplendent Stephanie, still riding his French Resistance/concentration-camp-survivor creds.  Useful.












Same dame, different name.  Libertas, Columbia, A-mari-ka, Isis, ad infinitum.  Idol of Enslavement Statue of Freedom, a.k.a. “Armed Freedom,” crowning the dome of the United States Capitol Building, in the District of Well it’s Not Jesus.












Folks were told not to put up statues, right there’s why.

The pileus morphs into eagle, feathers, stars — all mid-air or extraterrestrial cues.  Not the Girl Next Door, unless next door is many parsecs yon.  ‘Cause this is no froggy Frenchy Revolution!  Thas hars a ‘Mercan Revolt, mom and chevrolet, manblood aplenty for sugary sounding, poison abstracts — equality, egalitee, libertee — that benefit someone else.  Lies from the Father of Lies.

Mari-anna, standing upon her “own base” (U.S. Capitol, prophesied by Zechariah), command-menting.

Got a hand on her little stick too!












This year the Vans Warped Tour visits Olympics-hosting London, timely for boogieskates with Lady Gaga and the Quean.  See how hip n edgy we all are?  We are SO WARPED, DOOD!  Monkey do zootricks MonkeyFactory!

Where’s MY Peanut?

Mr. Lyman also manages the Mayhem Festival and Taste of Chaos, which l.d. will skip, sparing us nausea and tuneless tones.  If you’re trying that hard to be dangerous, you ain’t.

Speaking of danger, in SCAR-MONGERS, AF stitches back the Lace Curtain from innocent, chipmunk-cheeked Gabrielle Giffords:







The first 9 ‘leaders’ are women, the 10th is a man = think deci, mate


Also from SCAR-MONGERS, with predictable insight:

“left-to-right, Arizona Common Sense rally: “Mom,” Van Man, Gabby (original version), Blondie”

He has the name ‘Van Man’ for the ‘VANS’ shirt he’s wearing.

The post went out on November 3rd , 2011.

November 9th [9/11]

“A 5.6-magnitude earthquake has killed at least seven people in eastern Turkey, and trapped many more under collapsed buildings.

About 20 buildings have collapsed, including a six-storey hotel in the city of Van, where dozens of aid workers and journalists were staying.

The quake late on Wednesday was centred 16km (10 miles) south of Van”

VAN overlooks Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran . ‘Aid-workers’ is sometimes a synonym for undercover types. Angelina Jolie has been out East Turkey way attending a refugee camp of fleeing Syrians that wasn’t allowed to be filmed.

A few days before another ‘quake hit Oklahoma , 2 times.

“The largest quake in state history, 5.6 magnitudinal, snarked Oklahoma on Saturday, November 5.

Earlier in the day, a foreshock of 4.7 hit Prague, OK. “

Twin 5.6s – and coo-ee ‘ dozens of aid workers and journalists’ waiting for the attack on Syria to begin.

The folk etymology of Prague or Praha has its roots in the Czech word ‘ prah ‘ – ‘threshold’. Last year a 4.3 hit Carlsbad, N.M. at around the same time Obama and Medvedev held the START talks in Prague, Czech Rep. Carlsbad, N.M. lies close to the Alamogordo Atomic Test Site where they set off the whole shebang with the Trinity Bomb Test on July 16th [ Moon Launch date] 1945. Under the auspices of the MANHATTAN Project a murder of atomic physicists set off the Triple Mentor and gifted the globe its first Ground Zero.

56 years later another Ground Zero was presented to New York City, specifically Manhattan. A line drawn from Alamogordo to NYC scoots between Joplin and Springfield, Mo.

Carlsbad is the original name of a famous spa-town in the Czech Republic, now called Karlovy Vary.

It may seem spurious to connect the above photo, Loughner’s unlegal incarceration, Gabby being led around and other events with the weather but the premise is that God Works and in mysterious ways as well as the stunningly obvious.


God Works! 

Wonder how reading that made Jesus feel?

Big universe, small world.

If you’re not about our Father’s business right now, troops — not tomorrow and not Sunday — better git to it while the Power’s still on, and the son ain’t Set.  Yet.

AF and l.d. currently are discussing the nature of zero as numeral.  How do you make a square root?

Take him to a Fifties football game?  <— God made l.d. write that, send complaints to him

















Van V squared, rooted, outta babe mouths.









Although the answer/is not unknown/I’m searching searching/and how I’ve grown

It’s not all right/to say goodbye/and the world on a string/doesn’t mean a thing   (NY)









Mexican Wife:  I hope he gets away.

Garrett:  He won’t.  He’s got too much play in him.

Wife:  Yes.  And too little in you.

“Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid”



Gee.  Hardly seems fair.  Coming from the Satan Sante Fe Ring and all.  What with the sneekin’ and snitchin’ and stealin’, and so on.  No straight-shooting on a curved planet, apparently.  Talk about your Vans Warped Tour. 

Everybody’s all dick-n-grinnin’ except Van Man, (almost) alone in strange uncharted seas, full of pleasant smiles that ain’t.









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11 Responses to The Vans Warped Tour

  1. aferrismoon says:

    War – Ped , something like War-Feet. Van as in Vanguard is also militarily inclined. We may think of so-called ‘cool’ groups who tribalise their hobbies.

    I rhink in one of your latest posts, or comments, you mentioned something about ‘another candlelight vigil’ [ maybe not] but anyhow the batman killings exacted another, and I guess the Olympic Torch ceremony is another, but with smiles.


  2. ray says:

    – Ped , something like War-Feet. Van as in Vanguard is also militarily inclined


    another candlelight vigil’ [ maybe not] but anyhow the batman killings exacted another

    didnt take long diddit? yeah i was talking about our collective responsibility, denied by such guilt-appeasements as j. napolitano and the kelly boy at the big public memorial for the Safeway Shootings

    then it’s right back to Business, Bab-y!

    it wasnt me
    no no sheriff it wasnt me
    it musta been some-other-body
    no no no it wasnt me

    (George Thorogood and the Destroyers)


  3. A13 says:

    Ray…i saw george thorogood and the destroyers way way back in 1988 at a Local pub in Sydney OZ (manly vale Hotel) BY GOD it rocked!@!! i had a ball.. mind you i was only i had a ball anyway 🙂 i just wished i caught stevie ray vaughn live in action before he dearly departed…but alas not to be..OK
    Soo onto my peripheral and personalised weirdouts..
    and the one that got O’hare airport 1998…
    hell..i need another drink. I’m not about to expose myself on my own blog..fancy that!
    2001..just 2 months after 911..i took off from Sydney OZ to the Netherlands to visit some relos..
    after i had acclimatised myself to the balltearing temperatures,(winter in eurpoe) i went for a walk to the local small mall nearby, with a smattering of specialised florist, cafe (no not those kind) i already visited them when i was not acclimatised 😉 and as soon as i walked into the place..the” mall music” changed and played the song, by the band “men at work” I come from the land down under…I remember just stopping in my tracks, looking around and thinking if it was an episode of candid camera..the mall was empty..except for the shopkeepers..i got out of you do.
    Then..about a week later i travelled by train to the eastern part of holland by took a few hours..i had to change trains and all of that, so it was about a 3/4 hour journey.
    I had to go through areas that had seen very heavy fighting during WW2..and cross the bridges at Arnhem and Nymagen ..i was writting in my journal and listening to my compact CD player (days before MP3’s) and out of my peripheral vision i could see “battle” taking place in the snowscape landscape from the trains windows..i got such a vile and forboding feeling, especially at Arnhem..i just was so fing glad that the train left the station and we got over the bride..relief.. on that trip, whilst in the forest, walking, i dug up a grenade pin..from the war..luckily the grenade was not still attached.. 🙂 i hung out with a guy that was a falconner, and was lucky to visit some very interesting places that still had an “imprint”
    that to me was visible and palpable..
    so…back now to 1998..i travelled to the USA to visit some family there..WVA/KY..what a hell of a flight and trip that was..over 30 hours of headfuck..when i finally reached my destination, i felt like i was on a moving boat just standing still…
    What struck me here was the leg between san fran and san fran, at the airport i met this nice guy..and had a coffe and chatted as you do..then went to catch my flight to ohare, i ended up in the bumfuck part of the airport after walking a mile on the very bent and strange walkway ( with the pastel coloured changing colour walls) and this guy found me there again..he gave me his ph# ( i was heading to lexington) and he was headed to maryland..and he wanted to see me again..a long story short..
    when i got to my destination, after a few days, i had to leave my accommodation in a hurry as there was trouble with this member of my family and i lost contact with that guy..we had organised to hook up the next week..but i lost his number( left it on the bedside table at the place i was staying) and i became was too late to go back and try and get it..
    Hence..the one that got away..i still regret that you know…
    Cheers A13

  4. ray says:

    Ray…i saw george thorogood and the destroyers way way back in 1988 at a Local pub in Sydney OZ (manly vale Hotel) BY GOD it rocked!@!! had a ball.. mind you i was only i had a ball anyway

    he was a good looking kid i know you crushed on him! aint a shame, but at least you didnt rush the stage

    (you didnt did you?)

    Rounder picked him up finally, i love talent expressed and appreciated, it glorifies God

    a unique slide and v trad gravel vocals, esp liked his elmore james and willie dixon covers on the album i had, second one

    looking back it was all pretty vain but, eh, youth

  5. ray says:

    hell..i need another drink. I’m not about to expose myself on my own blog..fancy that!


    certainly not you come over here where you know NOBODY WILL SEE IT

    except af and a few as wireird as … everyone but me

  6. A13 says:

    no i did not…repeat not rush the stage..
    I was too busy with one burbon, one scotch and one beer 😉
    be back later on lol…

  7. ray says:

    hung out with a guy that was a falconner, and was lucky to visit some very interesting places that still had an “imprint”
    that to me was visible and palpable..
    so…back now to 1998.

    yeah i will get back to it

    yknow i thot u might have some data to download :O)

    both yr mall music and holland battlefield experiences sound v familiar to me

    like u, on those occasion when an anomaly separates from mundanity, i usually pick up a general mood first, visceral indistinct, then some physical element will manifest, and you know what just went down isnt the same order of realtiy as the preceding 4 months or whatever

    an adolescent boy in my small catholic class — fatherless, slightly deformed, and disturbed — used to go on about this “headless ghost” named Nellie that haunted the pastureland and a decrepit farmhouse along columbus parkway in old east vallejo, before it was built-out subdivided

    that was way before anybody (public) understood “columbus” or “columbia” as code, connoting occult places and entities (plus park-way, as parks were usually zodie’s sacrificial sites)

    not long afterward, within a couple years i’d estimate, zodie had killed a mile or so east of the farmhouse, and then a mile or so north of the farmhouse… and the cops were following our schoolbuses and etc

    like with yr battlefield zonk, where u kept a journal, or the mall when you paused-to-examine, most people would process these events unconsciously, but u and some step-back metacognitively, acknowledge the anomaly (and our own ignorance) and see if it fits a pattern

    cliche, but isnt it a bit like putting together puzzles? in 5-D, but often one waits years for the next piece

    you wont tho, cheers

  8. A13 says:

    cliche, but isnt it a bit like putting together puzzles? in 5-D, but often one waits years for the next piece
    Sometimes decades ray..a decade to decide..a decade to decipher.
    but in real time you know that the funk going something important and intergral.. so you store it in the memory bank for further consultation down the road..this is what i know know butat the same time knew it then . The deciphering wasn’t until later..if u get what i mean..real time as opposed to malingering time..
    I have a class.. i’m a “special needs” teacher in real time as of this dimension.( 7-10 yr olds) . I have much in common with my students..add asd..and all of that..i know they pick up on such but haven’t the means , opportunity or ways to divulge their knowingness..but i see it and hear it..and most of all appreciate it..
    Love this dialogue..

  9. ray says:

    Sometimes decades ray..a decade to decide..a decade to decipher.

    yeah, helps me work on patience, a weakness

    ’98 and yr “anomalous” experience at o’hare was a foreshock, thats why it sticks in you

    i lived/worked in SF during late eighties and early nineties

    the guy you had the congenial interaction w in airport — prequel, not a doppleganger but a foreshadow (tho obviously an individual in his own right, not some clone etc)

    so, there’s that piece

    another link facilitator is, you have a son — when (certain) women have sons, it changes them psychologically b/c they see “raw” masculinity for the first time, and are invested in masculinity in a way they werent before

    wheres o’hare/chicago connect?

    transom (between ’98 and now) is on yr other comment:

    I have a class.. i’m a “special needs” teacher in real time as of this dimension.( 7-10 yr olds) . I have much in common with my students

    i’m also involved with “special needs” kids as you know, kanners mostly, it’s thru them we… met

    the year 1998 and “special needs” was the interface (person) that facilitated the “latter” event –yr interest in, and contributions to, af and my work — earnest business, but arranged with a gentle hand

    i’ll bet you can fill in the blanks from there, about all i can say for now on that

    but this has also been my pattern re involvement with unusual kids — first a prequel or kinda test run, then boom the whole enchilada

    been meaning to write about that wonderful experience, but shit i can hardly keep up anymore, yknow

    af wrote about this stuff awhile back, the intricate, strange, loving ways that God works

    one of my ottie friends (adult) uses the same expression — It Works!


  10. A13 says:

    I love you guys and through the void we meet..
    There: My first thought after reading..yr comment.

    did you just see the olympic opening ceremony? bent, but typically bent.
    from jerusalem to hey jude(n)
    a zionist spook fest. a multilevel, multi dimentional, multi mindfuck.
    but predictable.
    i’ll be unpacking in my own way in the next day or so..going to get a second helping, to see the stuff i missed first time round 🙂
    have a good weekend.
    and Thank You.
    Cheers A

  11. ray says:

    from jerusalem to hey jude(n)

    no, it wasnt political, but v personal (read the song lyrics, thats the intent of their “message” and what action they wish taken) . . . paulie IS rather looking older isnt he? ;O)

    interesting, i just finished commenting on the Oly Games opening at a blog i’d never seen before, called “merovee” (sea beast)

    i didnt see it, no tv — saw some still photos on blogs tho

    i figured you’d follow my elliptic comment, mostly anyway, it’s quaint occasionally to be understood, cheers

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