Aflame in the Fields of the Goddess (with derecho update-o)













One of two faces flanking “Samson’s Revenge” mosaic scrip (Medea is calling this a “female” face but it is doubtful, given the flanking cherubim of the ark are decidedly male)


Mosaic of Samson’s Revenge Discovered in Ancient Jewish Village

 Depictions of Samson exacting his revenge is ‘unusual’ for synagogues, and scientists suspect it’s because the Biblical warrior was popular in the area. . . .

The mosaic, which is incomplete, depicts several scenes. In one, two female faces flank a Hebrew inscription about rewards for people who perform good deeds. In the other, Samson, of the biblical story Samson and Delilah, ties torches to pairs of foxes, an event described in the Book of Judges in both the Christian and Hebrew Bibles. As the story goes, Samson falls in love with a woman of Philistine origin, a people who ruled the city-states of Gaza, Askelon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gath in the ancient Middle East. The Philistines are depicted as enemies of the Israelis in the Bible.

At his wedding feast with his Philistine bride, Samson taunts the Philistine groomsmen with a riddle they cannot possibly answer. When his bride begs Samson for the solution and passes it on to her kinsmen, he kills 30 men from Askelon in a rage. When he returns home, he finds that his bride has been given to someone else. In revenge, Samson gathers pairs of foxes and ties their tails together with torches between them. He then looses 300 of the animals on the Philistines’ fields, destroying their crops.

It’s this scene that is depicted in the mosaic. It’s an “unusual” subject, Magness said, because only two other synagogues have been found that depict Samson at all, much less a fiery scene of revenge. But one of the other ancient synagogues that does depict Samson is only a few miles from the newly excavated building, Magness said.

Samson, like Judah and Solomon, takes a Philistine wife/wives — an “alien wife” or “foreign wife” in biblespeak, also equated with the Daughter (or Daughters) of Babylon.  Such a taboo alliance has spiritual, social, and political repercussions.  The Philistines are spiritual “opposites” of the Hebrews( for modern purposes, of  God’s chosen, the righteous, remnant, etc.)

Samson’s hair-shearing represents subjugation of his spiritual and sexual power by the feminine, and the overturning of the masculine/spiritual principle in general.

When the Philistines tried to snark off with the ark, it didn’t do them much good.    They got massive hemorrhoids, plus had to pay another painfully specific penalty (their own gold in the shape of their hemmies) to get rid of what they’d so desired to possess.  Dubble owie.

Let’s do it again real soon, okay folks?  :O)

Same result when the Phllies emasculate and humiliate Samson.

Yeah, Samson’s a problematic guy.  God’s problematic guy.  If God wants his donkey kicked, he’ll let the Philistines know if he needs help.

Biblically, foxes = the wicked, especially in context of cunning.  The destroyed areas lie on the Queen’s Highway, the “false escape route” during the early stage of the Exodus flight.







Via Maris/Queen’s Highway = purple

King’s Highway = red

Samson specifically targets crops, not only to cut of material nutrition supplies, but to send a message to Demeter & Kore Enterprises, Inc. :  Business-as-usual is now officially over.  Have a great forever.

Did the historical Samson know the latter-day significance of his torching?  No.

Did the mosaic-builders?  Very unlikely.

God knew the significance, tho, and precisely at what time he wished the image “discovered.”

The Queen’s Highway . . . just isn’t a safe road to travel anymore, folks.  It only seemed safe, indeed it sold itself as Safety incarnate, but was ever full of treachery.  Nations that worship Security and Protection don’t trust God.

. . . or in America’s case, actively despise God, fatherhood, and masculinity itself.

Spread out 300 foxes wide enough, hard to tell where (or when!) they’re gonna scamper.

The mosaic’s subject-matter (revenge of betrayal via fire)  is described as “unusual” . . . but it seems a fit to little dynamo.  Right on the money! a Philistine merchant might remark.







Waldo Canyon wildfire, Colorado

Over?  Heck, it ain’t over.

This here is only the beginning.











Only the beginning.



edit re Virginia Seal — on Saturday,  June 30, the Commonwealth of Virgina declared a State-of-Emergency following an unusually widespread and violent derecho storm, which killed many and knocked-out power to much of the Midwest and East Coast, including Columbia’s own District. 

Derecho in espanol means right — usually in directional context, or when distinguishing left from right, as in hands or feet.  However, in an alternate grammatical sense, El Derecho means moral priciple, law, custom, or “right” in the sense of personal-rights, civil-rights, or God-given rights.

Our post of Friday, June 29 (at our blogspot site) contained this passage:


 In the bible, as in martial arts, the right is the hand of offense, strength, power.  Jared’s left hand is crossed defensively over his solar plexus.  His right hand steadies the “cross-words” puzzle with its jumbled checkerboard, chaos out of order.

Jared’s power-hand, trigger-hand, rests near the top of The Mountain, the 92.9 radio station sponsoring the Tucson Festival of Books.


In what exact locale did the derecho storm originate?


What now, America?  This time the Law is coming after you.

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6 Responses to Aflame in the Fields of the Goddess (with derecho update-o)

  1. aferrismoon says:

    U might also have a look at the seal of Colorado [ which means coloured red which u prob know] . It contains the Sign of Providence aka , Eye on Triangle, the seal of the US + the fasces couchant beneath its watchful gaze.

    Colorado’s burning thus linking to the ‘burning’ of the US of AM.

    Great pick-up on the Samson story. The Foxes seem to act as the present-day Media, their lying asses , the drooling war propaganda, the ignorance and hate [ deliberate and marketed ] getting burnt and sent to destroy and die in their fields.

    ‘babylon is burning
    with anxiety’

    { The Ruts }


  2. R. Olausen says:


  3. R. Olausen says:

    Greetings from the 54th latitude and 250 miles east of the great divide. The directness of your thinking is compelling and your path has little common currency,least from what I see up here. Keeping to the theme, keep sparking their is still plenty of tinder. Every fire needs some razzle, dazzle so whats up with de God particle mister Halon Collider coughed up? Did I mention compelling work? Well good day.

  4. ray says:

    U might also have a look at the seal of Colorado

    yeah i mighted, that transition image set up the rest

    right on time and much obliged

  5. ray says:

    hi lat54

    The directness of your thinking is compelling and your path has little common currency,least from what I see up here.

    agree on the latter, thx for the former

    i’m fairly autistic, so concretistic in thot despite the gossimer style

    the heavy otties are staunch concretists and cannot follow (or tolerate) inauthentic countenance — they just dont do social cues and mirrorings

    Keeping to the theme, keep sparking their is still plenty of tinder.

    there is, there will be more, appreciate your encouragement

  6. Glen says:

    Hi Ray,

    A really, really, must see for you is the UK’s Radio Times magazine for 21-27 July 2012: Let the games begin.

    There are four different covers in the UK and mine (London/Anglia/Midlands), shows the woman about to jump Big Ben.

    You can view all four at:

    Love your blog.

    All the best, Glen

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