A Flying Scroll for Shinar

President Barack Obama waves as he arrives to the Los Pinos presidential


Doppling a retchy Easter Weekend  that saw the Pontiff scolding humanity (twice!) for oppressing women, the Scientific Legate hastened to dispatch its own hireling to Tenochtitlan for communion with the gods.

The world writhes, ho hum.

Obie strides the Pyramid of the Sun, left hand outstretched, blessing the New World, shining excelsis gloria, deadlands risen from  Giza(rd), Hawaii, Sirius . . .  Duat diddy diddy dum diddy doo. 

And we’re off . . .

and On to Mehico Shitty.  Doon in de sanctita war archaeologists dunna go, Babs sets a-basket, tongueing sol niger’s heat as it rises off the Zocalo.  

You the man!  She sends him.

The bush-el wobbles and out pops Shinar, a dark and dwarfy brick of wicked mystery.  Cute tho.


How Barack Obama Resurrected The Dead


In the NIV, Zechariah 5 prophesies the relocation of an ephah to the “country of Babylonia.”  Babylonia in Hebrew is Shinar.  For convenience, here’s Zechariah 5 (KJV ) in entirety.  It’s latterday prophecy concordant with sections of Malachi, Daniel, Isaiah, and Revelation. 


Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying roll.

And he said unto me, What seest thou? And I answered, I see a flying roll; the length thereof is twenty cubits, and the breadth thereof ten cubits.

 Then said he unto me, This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that stealeth shall be cut off as on this side according to it; and every one that sweareth shall be cut off as on that side according to it.

 I will bring it forth, saith the LORD of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof.

 Then the angel that talked with me went forth, and said unto me, Lift up now thine eyes, and see what is this that goeth forth.

 And I said, What is it? And he said, This is an ephah that goeth forth. He said moreover, This is their resemblance through all the earth.

 And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah.

 And he said, This is wickedness. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof.

 Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.

 Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah?

 And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.



Innana of the Grain



 Ishtar, Libertas,  Liberty, with Torch


People called, said “Beware doll, you’re bound to fall”
You thought they were all kiddin’ you


When reading Zechariah, Babylonia/Shinar is oft confoozled with the nation or region of the same name.  In fact, anciently there were many locales of that name.

But Shinar is the entity owning the land — “sitting upon the nations,” as Revelation reports. 


Cobra - India by Alwyn_C.


From “America, The Babylon”:

Zechariah 5 indicates that Babylon moved – or shall we say, the “spirit” of Babylon – the Woman – aka “Ishtar” the chief goddess of Babylon moved. 

Some ancient rabbinical commentaries on Zechariah were written about 300 B.C. citing rabbis who were assistants to Zechariah who had stated that the prophet Zechariah had taught them that the Woman of Zechariah 5 was the fallen angelic entity who was the guardian spirit (i.e. angel) of Babylon and that this spirit moved westwards out of ancient Babylon, and would be relocated for the “End of Days” in a place beyond the Nile River and the Great Sea.

By the time of Jesus, rabbinical thinking was that Zechariah’s vision of the Woman pointed to her having moved on to Rome. In point of fact, the Ishtar religion’s home-base kept moving slowly westward.  The religion’s main base moved from Babylon on to Assyria and into northern Syria in particular where she was known as Ashtoreth/Ashtaroth and also by that same name in Lebanon and Israel.  Later the Ishtar religion was picked up by the Egyptians.  The original native Egyptians called her Ishi. The Greeks found out about her, and referred to her Egyptian version as Isis. . . .

The Romans, initially picked up on her dogma via the Greeks and the first one they adopted was the goddess of freedom/liberty – and they called her the Libertas around 600 B.C., but by 400 B.C. they’d adopted her other dogmas and incorporated much of her other mystery doctrines back into a single goddess known as Venus, goddess of love.

Now the early version of Ishtar in Rome – Libertas – becomes extremely critical to the Mystery Babylon prophecies, because the Freemasons picked up on this aspect and used it as a political rallying cry in the mid to late 1700s – just in time for the American Revolution. American Freemasons, like Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison initially picked up on Libertas and placed her image on early U.S. coinage.

Later, by the 1850s, she became part of the concept for topping off the U.S. Capitol building dome – with a statue of her – initially to be called the Statue of the Goddess of Liberty (aka Libertas, goddess of Rome). However, Jefferson Davis, (before he became the president of the Confederacy) objected on behalf of slave holders, fearing the name would incite the slaves to rebellion.  So it was changed to Goddess of Freedom. The statue was slightly altered from a Libertas “freedom cap” to a modified “Indian Headdress”; however, it still retained Ishtar’s “star” symbols. In this rendering she was more of a woman warrior, with a sword by her side.


This page, also from R. A. Coombes nicely summarizes Zechariah’s ephah-vision.

We’d add Semiramis to Coombes’ litany, as both historical and “ongoing” entity, who along with Nimrod birthed Chaldean sex-magick.  Likewise Astarte, Neolithic/Bronze Age goddess of war, motherhood, and fertility, who in Phoenician “myth” impacted Earth at Byblos as a fiery star.   Siriusly.  Myth.

Lady Libertas and her Phygian Cap featured in our March 18 post, “A Woman’s Nation,” in which the Shriver’s Daughter told us what everyone already knows, and must not say.


Mari-Anna, Libertas


The author of “America, The Babylon” continues:

The entire city [Washington, District of Columbia] is but one big temple to her, full of her occult symbolism including the city being totally aligned astrologically and astronomically to her chief zodiac sign – Virgo – as she is the “perpetual virgin” despite her promiscuity.  On the spring and fall equinox the main street of D.C., Constitution Avenue, lines up with the U.S. Capitol building precisely to her home star, where she originates from – Sirius. Venus was her “on the road” traveling base according to the Sumerians.  [brackets, emphasis added]



The Obie-Sirius waltz was explored on this blog and elsewhere.  The First Degree Board is fitting for a reborn/new President, with Sirius the sexmagickal gateway for descending “angels.”

The two stork-winged women from Zechariah 5 — the transporters of the ephah to its new Secure Homeland — carry the “basket” and its iniquitous contents between “heaven and earth,” the sublunar realm.

Having just read AF’s latest post (also contributing illustrations to this post) winged females suggest Lady Bird Johnson, born in Karnack, Texas, present with Jackie at LBJ’s Swearing-In atop Love Field in Pallas Dallas.

. . . kicking-off the Goddess-Law Age, with John’s body still warm.   (The nickname was given in childhood by nursemaid Alice Tittle, saying Claudia was “purty as a ladybird” — the beetle or scarab commonly called a ladybug.)



Hey there, sailor!  Red and black are the mourning skies. 




then of course there’s







and who could ever forget



or even

Go to fullsize image


Mindful of the First Degree Board, we recall the passage from “America, The Babylon” asserting that Babylonia (Shinar) identified in Zechariah 5 was and is a “fallen angelic entity” — the over-shadow of Babylon in both a spiritual and concrete sense.   Masons of high practice worship the goddess; she is the Guiding Light of all they do and desire.  Evidence indicates that America’s always been Shinar’s intended destination, her “own base” — the final two words of Zechariah 5



Lady Bird, LBJ, Jackie 


Lady Bird Johnson

Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson, Lady Bird in Yellow



Black-necked stork

Compare wing configuration with First Degree Tracing Boaad — as in Zechariah 5, two winged figures, probably feminine, are positioned at the foot of  the stellar staircase, yet remain in midair, while a blue-clad (heavenly, extraterrestrial) female entity, possibly “delivered” by the winged figures, steps onto the checkerboard of manifest incarnation (duality, the opposites, earth); in the foreground are pillars as bases for statuary, possibly powers she is superseding or replacing, and a lectern (speaking platform) with a book (dea-ley)



The star-foundationed Statue of Liberty and U.S. Capitol pinnacle, both designed by Masons,  are only symbols of her “glory.”  In reality, America is her pedestal, from which she overshadows the nations.


Princess on a steeple and all the pretty people
They’re all drinking, thinking that they’ve got it made
Exhanging all precious gifts


“Statue of Freedom” atop U.S. Capitol Building




In the Uttermost West, the Phrygian Cap of Libertas transforms into eagle’s head, feathers, talons.  The lead cover on the ephah is removed, revealing the bronze helmet and stars: alchemical gold.  An entity unfettered, established on her own base, in places low and high.

A prior post described the panoptic Masonic Eye as belonging not to Horus, but to Isis/Hathor.  On this excellent page, R.A. [lol] Coombes suggests that, after John Calvin,  Zechariah 5:6 should translate:

This is the measure that goes forth, and this is their eye in all the earth.


The Contemporary English Translation kicks the door open further, with the angel telling Zechariah:

It’s a big basket, and it shows what everyone in the land has in mind.


Both translations evoke familiar images, especially to modern Babylonians Americans:







United States Great Seal, with Eye of Hathor in obverse


JFK’s kingkill, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, or Zechariah gazing 2,500 years off-prow: it’s the New Woman Order on display, fowl orbiting around a neolithic Fertility/Grain goddess, herself descended from, by suggestion of their own graphics, an extraterrestrial source.

As Zechariah illustrates, God matches her measurement of iniquity, the ephah basket, with her own cereal-moanial nature and worship.  Eventually, the silver-hammered leadpipe cinch comes down on her head. 

For the same reasons — idolatry and iniquity — Christ prophesies through Malachi in the final passages of the OT the endtimes return of Elijah as annunciate of the 2nd Advent.  Elijah did not die, but was “translated into heaven.”  His time, the 9th century BC, was utterly immersed in, and corrupted by, worship of Astarte and her consort Baal/Bel, which included sacrifice of firstborn children.


(also via AF, see his post and comments for details)


The vast majority  of ancient Israel opposed Elijah, including Ahab the King of Israel and his Tyrian/Sidonian wife, Jezebel, the power behind the throne.  The Goddess in the Gateway.  The snake in the lidless basket.



Woodcut, Master Mason Ben Franklin, May 6, 1754


Abu Zubaydayh was drowned and “resuscitated” at least 83 times in the month of August 2002 alone.  By the land and hand of Libertas, up from the Abyss to inaugurate the torture gulag Aquarian Golden Age.  Condi donned the goddess’ warmask, drank her fill, the lied about it to Congress.

(As if that shit even matters anymore.)


FILE -- In this June 6, 2001 file photo, then National Security ...

Official Torturer and Liar: late for her meeting with Oprah


Orca’s audience howls in glee as their heroines revel in manblood.

Meanwhile Muhammad Yunus, Orca’s pal in the Global Elders, has been handing out money to women-only businesses in the borough of Queens, state of York Rite, in the nation of Shinar.




(See our Global Elders I and II posts from September 2007.)

Mu Hammerhead bills himself to the Medea as “Banker to the Poor.”  Obviously he doesn’t actually spend any time with The Poor, else he’d have to confront the unconfrontable fact that that they’re overwhelmingly male.

 Summarizing this vile planet: A bloodslick path from Semiramis to Shinar.

The servant fluttering behind Zechariah’s eyelids whispers a silly child’s song, something about  quacking and a train.  Up for many days, sick with consciousness, the prophet sighs, finally konks out.   He snores very very loud. 

Taking what looks like a coin from his robe, the servant sits on a bench across from the old man.  He frowns with intensity and extends the coin — no, it’s a slug, just a plain lead slug — to the measure of the old prophet’s eye.

Satisfied, he returns the slug to his robe, trading it for a text messager.  The servant begins to write.

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2 Responses to A Flying Scroll for Shinar

  1. aferrismoon says:

    The Libertas has risen again
    See the new organistaion LIBERTAS that has emrged to take Europe back for the people
    like the old New-Ess

    Also check out ‘lituus’ at wiki [ if u havent already]

    There was a crooked Wizard who had a crooked wand
    He stuck it in the air
    marked a Templum
    For the Bond
    As the birds flu through
    a story or two
    the populace he conned
    Now we count the chemtrails
    And the sigils
    Sur la Monde


  2. :) says:

    Je ne comprende pas 😦

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