South Loop Wine & Spirits (addended)

 In that day sing ye unto her: a vineyard of red wine

(Isaiah 27:2)



Pharaoh, Queen Tiya  (via Freeman Perspective)


Last jabber walkie, we lowrode the streets of Chi-town, celebrating with Pharaoh, Mom Baba-lon, Hillary, Oprah, and other (semi)human hemorroids.  We also charted the Portuguese/Cape Verdean sucrose presence in Pharaoh’s birthplace, the  Realm of the Dead, Hawai’i. oprah_300x4001

American religion, Cult of Isis: South-Side Michelle-Ma-Bel and Oprah (praying to Goddess Babalon)


A few centuries back, Portuguese Templarism operated under tarp of the “Order of Christ,” and its African slave trade financed its New Atlantis/New World (Order) expeditions, capped by Henry the Navigator’s forays down the Upper Atlantic Seaboard.  Hank’s statue stands in the harbor at New Bedford, MA, which well golly happens to be American Feminism’s birthplace — and the dopple-nameplace of Bedford in England, whose titles of Earl and Duke belong to the Russell Family.   Russell Trust, Skull and Bones, etc.

 Just more mobsters in pretty suits. Goddess-goons. 

PortYouGal’s “Order of Christ” in the delivery room, mariolatrous midwives re-birthing matriarchy and its token boy, FayRow Obie.  Twin Rosemary’s Babies.  And Bab-a-lon makes Three!

Chicago’s own nigredic Queen, Mama Tiya du Robinson, leys the Illinois(e) Underground nonstop to the Goddess’ HQ, her personal District.  Newt NRG. 

Queen Tiya = TIA, espanol for aunt and the acronym of DARPA’s panoptic Total Information Awareness programs — recently re-named the Information Awareness Office, after the original moniker revealed a bit too much decolletage.

Imagine a lunchtime gossip-session by The Girls in a some horrid Teacher’s Lounge or Korporate Lunchroom.  Multiply by a couple billion, fund massively, back with the force of Law (=Pharaoh) . . .  the Files and Tabs on Mommie’s Enemies are always up to date!




You’re no good for me
I’m no good for you
gonna look at you right in the Eye
tell you what I’m gonna do

“American Woman”

Don’t be zoomed by Congress’ recemt “unfunding” of TIA/IAO — the organization simply draws from “black funds” now.  This page documents some of the pathetic  cover-up. 

TIA’s All Seeing Eye, hovering over the pyramid, is the Egyptian wedjat or udjat.  



In the Egyptian language, the word for this symbol was “Wedjat”.  It was the eye of one of the earliest of Egyptian deities, Wadjet, who later became associated with Bast, Mut, and Hathor as well. Wedjat was a solar deity and this symbol began as her eye, an all seeing eye.


So TIA and the dollar-bill host the Pan/Optic Pyramid not of a god, but of The Goddess





Lynndie England, becoming Totally Information Aware 


Chicago derives from the French shikaakwa, literally translated “striped skunk.” 

And they say there’s no Dog.

Chicago currently perches atop the standings of The Universe League in corruption . . . followed closely by pretty much Everywhere.

. . . more Hooked Up than a South Side streetwalker, and outside of Warsaw, the Windy City has the largest Polish population in the world. 

As Second City, Chicago connects to First City, New York . . .  Lady Libertas carrying an old torch for Chicago’s midwestern muscle, Paterfamilias full of punks.   And the Empire just loves its mobsters, like Rome’s citizens did its Legions.

Less apparent, the Second City links to old chum New Bedford via the Polish Connection, and likewise to Providence, Rhode Island . . . another State brought to you by Cecil Rhodes Enterprises, Unlimited!  lol

New Bedford shelters a substantial Polish enclave, and Providence is an East Coast hub of organized crime — Italian and Portuguese, chiefly . . . but It’s America . . . there’s room for Polish scum too in the Furnac Melting Pot.

The Polish-New Bedford link originally emerged on our blogspot site in 2006, in a post entitled “All American Witch City.”  Quoted:

Recently, in New Bedford, MA, I happened upon an unusual triangular “island” set amidst two opposing lanes of traffic near the “King’s Highway.” The island contains a large artillery piece as part of a war memorial.  It was created and dedicated in 1995 by the “Polish and American World War Veterans Association, Inc.”

Tarkiln Hill Road is the adjacent extension of the “King’s Highway” in New Bedford.  Exploration of various connotations attached to “King’s Highway” is available here. They’re quite revealing, particularly the description-link connoting ancient Near Eastern trade routes — which are actually “escape routes” out of “Egypt.”

In the “middle bloc” of the “war memorial” of the Polish League of American Veterans in New Bedford is a strange emblem, related to the homeland of Poland and, probably, in particular, to the city of Warsaw. In any case, it’s an unusual “ensign” for a supposedly “patriotic” site.  A basilisk (otherwise known as a cockatrice, a theriomorphic occult entity discussed at length on this blog in relation to Charles Manson and his “Christmas Day 2000” artwork — artwork which intends to invoke apocalyptic demonic forces.)  



The top frame shows the triangular “island” set amidst the upper end of the King’s Highway — a short (and congested) stretch of road in New Bedford.   In the middle frame is the Polish League’s plaque. 

In the photo below, the bottom register shows a wide-angle of the triangular “Memorial,” with the matching (twin) floral arrangements leading to the memorial proper (and reminiscent of the Osiric “entranceway” at the Nashville Bicentennial Mall.)

The top register is a close-up of the centerpiece of the monument “floor” — the cockatrice/basilisk/phoenix, crowned and surrounded by stars, with the Polish-American Veteran’s abbreviation above.



By this therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob be purged; and this is all the fruit to take away his sin; when he maketh all the stones of the altar as chalkstones that are beaten in sunder, the groves and images shall not stand up.  (Isaiah 27:9)


By “groves and images,” Isaiah references goddess-worship and its inevitable attendant, human sacrifice.

The triangle’s been sighted recently at Dover and Conisholme, in context of warnings.  Whatever the “Polish League of American Veterans” is doing with its King’s Highway Triangle Basilisk,” methinks they connect to certain Polish elements in Chicago — elements far more interested in sorcery and mass-ritual than the welfare of, or appreciation to, veterans. 

In our “All American Witch City,” we quote from Bill Mann’s The Labyrinth of the Grail:

Although there is no mention of the magic circle in the Testament of Solomon, it was suggested that the ring itself was symbolical [sic] of the circle. Accordingly, in magic it is the circle that protects the magician during the ceremony. Hence, it is to the northeast of the circle that the magician draws a triangle to confine any spirit that he might evoke.




In Chuckles’ artwork, the basilisk emerges from the font of American Masonry — Columbia, South Carolina — extending north beyond the continent into the Arctic Ocean . . . an entity spawned and nurtured on land, but essentially a sea-demon.  Typhon.  Leviathan.  Jormungandr.

(Columbia is the Goddess, of course, and appears below as the site of (yet another) child-sacrifice.)

A recent AP story out of Urbana, IL (Ur-ban/van), entitled “Illinois Mystery: Placentas Found in Sewage System” reports:

Someone is disposing of placentas in the sewage system and authorities in central Illinois just want it to stop.

Workers in Urbana-Champaign found a placenta Thursday in a filter that keeps large objects out of the sewage treatment plant.  It was the third found this year.


That untidy tidbit overlaps with a March 2, 2009, AP story headlined, “Another dead child’s remains found at home of accused killer.”  Quoted:

Authorities investigating a woman accused of trying to drown her baby in a toilet last November have found the remains of another infant at her Belleville home.

Twenty-three-year-old Elyse Mamino is charged with attempted first-degree murder in relation to the child she’s accused of trying to drown. That child, a girl, is now in state custody.

Belleville Police Captain Don Sax says authorities were searching her home when they found the remains of the other infant. Those remains date back to more than a year and no charges have been filed in that case.

It was not clear whether Mamino had an attorney. Columbia police Chief Joe Edwards says Mamino is a teacher’s aide in Belleville who works with autistic children.


Noted also:  the Belleville locale (village of Bel, Baal) and the Mamino surname.  As if the murdered kids were still crying out

Mommie!  No!

Lil Dynamo’s been tooting the carhorn for many years that Columbia ain’t sane, and that the infant-torturing and killings are epidemic, especially in America.

Zero media or public interest, though.  Wrong gender for scapegoating.

Instead, we got ten days of soap-opera called “news” from Yet Another (ahem) “artist,” this time named Rihanna, as the nation wailed and tore its pants-suit and gnashed its teeth over Rihanna’s brutal beating at the hands of Another Evil Male . . .  current villain being named Brown, if memory serves.

. . . ratcheting up the FemRage to ever more dizzying heights in service of the Gynogulag, further entrenching the stranglehold of ubiquitous and unassailable U.S. feminist organizations, and fattening up the calf for more Domestic Violence Programs, Violence Against Women Acts, prisons, police, and sundry other mega-billion dollar anti-male hate-measures.

(Oops . . . turns out Little Miss Innocent, Rihanna, instigated the altercation, and has since re-united with her, ah, Oppressor.  Strange behavior for someone living under constant intimidation and abuse.  Of course, the matriarchy assures us such reconciliations only occur because The Abused Female has no options — despite the presence of endless shelters for women, and few/none for men . . . and despite Rihanna’s obvious ability to move across the planet from The Oppressor, should she wish.)

Udder bullshit, with candy coating.  Poisoned lollipops.

For decades, an absolute staple of Western films and TV is females slapping, punching, kicking, stomping, and otherwise humiliating males — with retaliation always forbidden, of course.  This display of ownership of the male by the female makes The Girls feel empowered and all goose-bumpy inside.   A Female Bonding Ritual.

Western females are now fully conditioned to expect that any violence done to males — by themselves or their State — is appropriate, deserved, and a matter of hilarity and emotional warm-fuzzies.   As ever, hateful behavior by women not only carries no consequence, it is encouraged en masse . . . it’s part of Women’s Rights.


Drowned babies . . .  little boys smothered a dozen times a day, then revived . . . with no holidays off, not even International Womens Day . . .  but Sorry, Oprah’s not interested.  Neither is the Medea.  Doesn’t fit The Agenda:  Man Evil, Woman Good. 

Mama Mia Mamino is a teacher’s aide of autistic kids, remindful of Jett Travolta’s bathtub bashfest.   L. Ron Hubbard was a goddess-devotee, and he didn’t stop conjuring Babalon after the Desert Working was finished.  Hubbie’s “Church” of Scientology, like the Portuguese Order of Christ, is a front for goddess-evocation and worship, activities of which America has been fully possessed for many decades. 

Given that about 75% of otties are boys, it’s only makes “sense” that a “church” devoted to Goddess Babalon would consider autistic people degraded beings.  Nothing could describe modern masculinity in Columbia-land so accurately or profoundly.

Now, if we’re talkin’ true degraded, let’s visit a spell with dedicated-vintner Dan Acrid Ackroyd and his upcoming twin appearances at Binney’s Beverage Depot, the South Loop Wine & Spirits Superstore iiiiiin . . . Chicago!



 (source: Chicago Tribune, March 4, 2009)


Ackroyd at Binny’s Beverage Depot, no less, sounds like a SNL reprise, with Ackroyd as the hilarious Scumbag Salesman, one of his favorite roles.

But this ain’t a movie.

The ad’s phrase Wine is Dan Ackroyd’s worldly obsession has no comic value.  Plain old creepy in fact — the kind of sentence sub rosa an initiate might employ.

Further ad copy:

His pursuit of the supernatural inspired his creation of this super premium vodka called Crystal Head, made with water from a deep aquifer in Newfoundland and sculpted into a glass rendering of a human skull.

Has The Blues Brother hitched his star to  Butcher Bill’s Travelling Circus?

Mebbe Tribal Dan joined the Patho-Penguins.  Now he’s on a Mission from Goddess.

The Crystal Skull last appeared on Da Black Whole  in discussion of the doliocephalic skull of Michelle Robinson’s brother Craig, basketball coach at Oregon State (OS) University.  A few weeks after posting, we saw the latest Indiana Jones flick with attendant elongated “extraterrestrial” crania.

 “Head Coach” Robinson was born in (where else?) Chicago to Fraser Robinson, a South Shore precinct captain for the Democrats.  (Gee . . . lotsa Souths coming up . . . .)

Today is International Womens Day — like every day isn’t.  Here’s this morning’s Upchuck Update from Maryville, Ill-i-noise.

A gunman walked down the aisle of a church during a Sunday service and killed the pastor, then stabbed himself and slashed two other people as congregants wrestled him to the ground, authorities said.


A vineyard of red wine is her recompense.  Hold the Crystal Skull decanters, Dan.


Father, let us build a boat and sail away
there’s nothing for you here
And brother, let us sail our lot out upon the sea
it’s been done before

“Back on the Highway”  (J.T.)



Columbia City, Indiana struck by tornado.

Strong storms including at least three tornadoes damaged or destroyed homes in parts of the Midwest, and rainfall brought fears of more misery to areas hard-hit by flooding last year.

The National Weather Service confirmed Monday that damage in Illinois and Indiana on Sunday was the result of tornadoes.

One struck Sunday in Columbia City, Ind., where three trailers were destroyed and about 20 others damaged at a mobile home park.

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6 Responses to South Loop Wine & Spirits (addended)

  1. aferrismoon says:

    Poles 2nd largest pop. in UK
    PAV [Cz]= peacock , PAVOUK[Cz] = Spider. PAV sound like short for PAVEL – Paul , big name in Cathoholic Christianity – ex tax-collector sees the light , unlikely as hell to ever happen again. The guys and gals from the past who may or may not have actually progressed are celebrated yearly usually to remind the genpop what will happen .. to them…if………..they do…….anything like that …….darling………………..settle…………down
    what will the …………..neighbours think……..follow the leader
    David Lynch’s INLAND EMPIRE flirts with the Polish community, the faux-intellect of morbidity-violence speckled with the distance of the film-cult-director.

    She lies in Elyse – Champs Elysee = Elysian Fields

    One of the ritual acts in the setting up of the State of Israel was the mock trial, hanging and booby-trapping of 2 British Army Sergeants. The hanged them in an orange grove. Its called the ‘Sergeants Affair’ [ rather than ritual murder]


  2. newspaceman says:

    Your Binny food and wine link is not working Ray. Anyhow, re Binny :

    Check history/places of interest.

    cheers brian

  3. ray says:

    checked the link NSM, seems ok… here’s the direct URL:

    i see whatcha mean — mondo templar robert the bruce, stewarts, questionable estate grant, west lothian, the templars at torphichen etc etc

    lemme scan this a bit, i’ll get back either in another comment or addendum

    whooeee baby . . . dan ackroyd, current ownner of a vineyard in sonoma, california (the “Valley of the Kings West”) howking crystal skulls fulla “wine” at Binneys in chicago

    … pretty much seals the masonic involvement

    much appreciate the templar/ecclessmachan link NSM, that changes the piece’s scope a bunch and brings it into broader focus

    cheers indeed


  4. aferrismoon says:

    I took an photo the other day at 11.32am. As I can’t identify the ‘object’ in it I called it Anomaly 1132, now I see Binny’s South Loop resides on 1132 S.jefferson.


  5. Anonymous says:

    You know those picture from the Abu Ghraib torture camp really do speak a thousand words about the Femdom Anti-Male Culture of the West, and our imposition of said culture on the rest of the world.

  6. Anonymous says:

    For decades, an absolute staple of Western films and TV is females slapping, punching, kicking, stomping, and otherwise humiliating males — with retaliation always forbidden, of course. This display of ownership of the male by the female makes The Girls feel empowered and all goose-bumpy inside. A Female Bonding Ritual.”

    This is the absolute truth.

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