Installing Os U

There are no weekends in Oz, demonstrated again Saturday/Saturn-day when l.d. kicked back to watch his Beloved Beavs, the Oregon State University (OSU) football team.

Having lived purty much ever’where, l.d. also resided in Corvallis, Oregon during much of the None Nineties.

Quenched by the Willamette River, this sleepy, forested, vine-green college town just off the long black ribbon of Interstate 5 cocoons in the fertile valleys between the Cascade and Coast mountains ranges, east and west respectively.

The OSU campus (and football program) were still country-humble back then, but we splashed each home-game Saturday to Parker Stadium to witness the latest Beavers’ defeat.  Following one standard atrocious loss, an opposing player punched out mascot Benny Beaver.  At that time the OSU athletic logo featured a cuddly, smiling beaver.  The mascot suit was then inhabited by a university girl, who sued.

L.D. worked on humility and patience during the soaked and chilling afternoons, paying dues with another futile season as a Beaver Believer.  But is was still fun, amid the Student Section close to the field, rooting on not mere Underdogs, but Impossibilites.  Seeing how immensely hard those boys tried, in a hopeless effort, reminded l.d. again of how courageous human males can be, and why he supports their causes.


In the street their older brothers
seldom slow and shipped to others
aiding those whose songs
have turned to cries

is no surprise

I want to get away and live my life in the rivers and trees
I want to spend the days making rhyme and be free

(K Loggins)

Soon l.d. was off, returning for a few years to the Land-o-Enchantment.  Oregon State University changed presidents, Athletic Directors, the head football coach, and logos.  The sweet Disney beaver vamoosed, replaced by Benny II, sleek n snarly:



Beavers are retiring and herbiferous, not ferocious predators poised to spring.  Old Benny, cuddletoy and punchingbag, was dumpstered.  Benny II was In.  Sol niger Benny, R-rated. 



The original Benny the Beaver appeared in 1952, and in l.d.’s birth-year of 1953, Parker Stadium opened.  In 1999, the stadium was re-christened Reser Stadium, obstensively to honor Al and Pat Reser, major University donors and owners of Reser’s Fine Foods.

In 2006, the Raising Reser campaign greatly expanded capacity in the palindromically named stadium.

{That last sentence may hint as to WHY l.d. is tormenting you with his useless personal data.}


 RESER Stadium



Around the millennium’s turn, the football team streaked from perennial worst in the NCAA to national prominence, with numerous big-game wins continuing this year with the defeat of the nation’s then-number-one team, the University of Southern California Trojans.

While l.d. was absent, the Oregon State University’s logo — OSU, since the nineteenth century — suddenly morphed into OS.  (Somehow, we expect the Reser’s and other wink-winks are behind this.)






 In one fell swoop, Oregon’s state university transformed from Oh Ess You into Os (Oz) You.

Os connotes bonethe as article, axis (Croatian), and either us or thick smoke (Danish.) 

Os also connotes mouth in the genitive sense and either end of the cervix — internal as to uterus or external as to vagina.  Thus, a bi-os portal of the Feminine, open at either end like an unfastened uroboros.   (Or like many football stadia, open at either endzone, where a successful player Touches Down and scores a Touchdown.  American football mirrors natural life, and pagan ritual, as a violent game of defending and conquering terrritory (Terra-tor-y on the gene-repoducing playing field of the individual female/goddess earth.)

 Before the Beavers kickoff from (ugh) Reser Stadium, we tuned into the Texas-Texas Tech football game in Lubbock, Texas, near Witchita Falls, where l.d. went to Air Force Tech school.  :O)

He and his companions spied — and freeze-framed — a long row of Aggie fans in the stands at field-level, all painted as Heath-Ledgerish Jokers.

Following witch, during the Beavers’ game, l.d. witnessed a sideline reporter interviewing the University’s new head basketball coach, one Craig Robinson, brother of Michelle Obama.  The camera-angle captured Robinson in three-quarter profile, and both l.d. and his viewing companions remarked upon Coach Robinson’s strangely elongated, almond-ish head — particuarly the rear portion of his head, which l.d. immediately called “pharonic.”  At that point, he was advised that the New Coach was Mama Obama’s brother.


 Craig Robinson, (Big) Head Coach


 This shot (thx J) really doesn’t do justice to the occipital bun, the loaf-of-bread noggin of the, well, Head Coach.   Robinson.  Robbin’ the Son.  Robe-ing the Sun.

On Yahoonews’ front page, Obamama’s electoral delegate count has been stuck on 333 for many days.  When last seen 333 was stamped on the back of Pagan Lace’s hand in masked and anonymous, a “futuristic” film concerning the New Diversity Elite.

Indeed, the Head Coach closely resembles the chief Network Thug from masked and anonymous.

 Craig Robinson’s television image, even more revealing, instantly conjured pharaoh —  Akhenaton, especially, given the preceding post’s mention of the god Aton  incarnating in No Country For Old Men  as Anton Chiguhr, a demonic satellite, a tyrannis rex of the reptoGoddess, remote-controlled through her hindbrain-enhancing shugurra helmet (itself reminiscent of an elongated rear cranium.) 

Even the term “Homeland Security” was calculated to torch-off the brain-stem complexes, overwhelmngly in females (and certain pre-wired males, perhaps like the Head Coach), constantly stimulating their fear and nesting instinctual centers.  Sorcery isn’t mumbo-jumbo and lighted candles.



  The “dragon blood,” our “conspiracy” researchers often suggest, is carried through the gens, the female line.  The masons and synchromystics and da vinci coders consider this great.  We’re on the cusp of the Age of Woman.  We are saved. 

They are, of course, too sophisticated for the Bible, so warnings from depth psychologists like Erich Neumann about the danger of the mother’s brother should be sufficient.

But, of course, won’t.  Be sufficient. 

“Egyptian signatures” — both earthly and astronomic — litter the Workings of the modern templar-alchemists constructing the NWO.  Sarah Palin, as recently reported herein (“Palingenesis: There’s No Place Like Homeland”), shares blood with FDR and Diana, former Princess of Wales.  God knows what McCain’s related to.

Both Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson look more Nubian/Egyptian than Central African, and Michelle’s bro has a Hyksos Head.


 Akhenaton rendition

Obama wanna Aton






“Scary movie.”  “You’re Warned.”

At last, truth in advertising!

Note the afro cake-comb and location of the programming “target” in the photo above.  (Photo snatched, I think, from the Brave New World Order blog.  A very confused kid, but bright.)







William Henry, from whom the illustrations above and below must surely have been donated  –’cause William doesn’t permit theefing!from his Work :O) — checks in with and October 10 post, “Barack-Henaton, The Candidate With the Light Stuff?”

Henry’s piece concerns the debate between Son of Cain and Obamama, broadcast on the Speakers of the World in Spook Sentral, Nashville TN.  (TN = consonant aToN.  Vowels are a late addition to  alphabets.)

The debate went down at Belmont Univrersity =  Mountain or Sanctuary or Bel or Baal.



Above: Baghdad (l) and Nashville (r) Osirian Resurrection Complexes.  Check the mega-Speakers at frame-bottom of the Nashville half of the photo, the “Bicentennial Mall.”  See my “Ragna Rok and Man Son Role” for more, or Henry’s relevant piece.

William btw is welcome to sue, as l.d.’s attorney Hector Bato stands ready (in rare conscious moments) to defend your dynamo’s honor and farflung wealth.


Henry chirps:

When John McCain pointed to Obama and said “That One” during the debate – sending a karate chop at his opponent who had voted for an energy bill – I had to put my guitar down.

I picked up my cat Boo and said, “Tell me he didn’t just call Barackhenaton ‘That One’ (or ‘Th-At-one’ or ‘Th-Atone’), because ‘The Aton’ or ‘The Atone’ is the name of the God worshipped by Ackhenaton.”

OK, it’s a stretch, what was William smoking while strumming . . . still, after seeing Mama Michelle’s brother with his loaded kranial kaboose . . . we are more open to intuitive evidence.  Maybe he’s just a melonhead.  But the occipital lobe and cerebellum seem distended or enlarged.  

William Henry’s article “Nashville’s Temple Code Unveiled” suggests the Bicentennial Mall as both a cosmic antennae and the “Meru Rod” or “Tree of Life” of the god Enki, used to communicate with, and revive, the Meru-father, Su-Meru.  (Sumer’s civilization and overshadowing god.)  Calling the site a “giant coffin,” Nashville resident Henry points out that the Mall Structure, lined with oak trees, functions as what the Old Testament condemned as an asherah, a shrine to the Goddess Innanna/Ishtar and her serpent father, Enki.  (However, Henry fails to mention the unavoidable correlation between asherah and blood-sacrifices, especially of children.)  He’s busy gushing over the Wonderfulness of the Parthenon-Nashville that shelters and glorifies Goddess Athena.





Parthenon-Nashville (bottom); Athena (where else? — top)  (note also her gold gilding)


Despite William Henry ignorance, feigned or not, these Pagan Power geoarchitectural features are artificed analogs of the gynolatry of America’s kontrolling elite, and its feminized/feminist populace.

Henry finishes his stroll down Nashville’s Portal Pit at the MAll’s terminus, a “surfaced” sol niger, spinning on 1/8 of an inch of water, then equates the MAll’s imagery and function to a returning Elijah and Messiah.

An elegant interpretation.  Except, of course, that Elijah and Jesus are hardly goddess-worshippers. 




Sol niger, Nashville Bicentennial Mall

Like Amerika’s Grand Arki-techs, Barack’s own messianism is calculataed and false, but effective on the Wakeful Dead.  “Fairy tales” — a great source of deprogramming, btw — properly depict dragons as chaismatic, charming, cunning and smoothly spoken, Tolkein’s Smaug of Lonely Mountain as type.  

Like Ahkenaton and dragons, Barack’s a subtly androgynous figure, whose life was and is dominated by females.

He was BORN at the Hawaiian Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children.

(Mere males, upon reaching the age of Uncuteness, presumably visit the Barber and Butcher for medical care.)

 Ah!  Equality!

The Hawaiian locale .  .  . perhaps a mini-Atlantis?

Barack’s mother — his gens genes and blood — was Ann Dunham from Witch/ita, Kansas — Familiar Ground for Oz.  She dominated his childhood and life, with “fathers” a weak factor, typical of matriarchal upbringings in Ghetto-mer-ica.

Madelyn Dunham, Barack’s granny and also a powerful influence, died tonight.  (Another Maddie sacrifice, a la McCann?)  She was called Toot, Hawaiian for “grandmother.”  King Tut, Tutankhamun,  was the son of Ahkenaten and his Chief Consort, Queen Kiya.  Tutankhamun means “living image of the solar deity, Amun.  Tut can be pronounced tuht or toot.



The Daughters of Akhenaten (1350-1348 B.C.), Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 

= Malia Anne and Natasha Obama

 In Hebrew, barack means lightning or blessing.  Satan, as Jesus recounts, “fell like lightning.”

Obam in Swahili is crooked or bending.  Serpentine lightning and a crooked blessing from the New Messiah.

His B.A. in PoliSci is from the goddess’ own uni, Columbia.  Alma Mater.

Obamama’s first gig in Chicago, gansta-city, was with Catholic parishes in Greater Roseland on Chitown’s South Side.  Not just rosicrucian, shakybones ROSELAND, folks — fucking GREATER ROSELAND, ’cause Regular Os don’t go fast enough!  Sheesh.

South Chicago is the south side of South.   Way down dere.  The Catholics since masonic infiltration have been pretty straightforward Mariolatrists.  They talk Jesus, and worship the Queen of Rose Land.

From there gumptious and ambitious little Obie wandered off to Harvard University, where his Major Indoctrinatin’ fell out.   Then On Track and Back to Rozwell um Rosieland, Chicago, to law practice, then the Illinois Senate.  Well-groomed and, apparently, bloodwired hot.

The “O” in his Ozian signature suspiciously resembles The Zodiac Killer’s mark but, bleh, ho hum. 

Tra la.


Barack Obama signature.svg


Barack Zodiac




Obviously, l.d.’s not saying OB’s the Zodie.  But he’s related, in the same inescapable syncrhomesh that connects Grammie Toot to Akhenaten and Tutankhamun.  

Speaking of slick killers, Michelle LaVaughn Obama (Robinson), or MLaO malo, also took her vows at Harvard Law School.   She’s a far South Side Chicago homey with close ties via her father to the Old Democratic political machines of the Daley Dynasty (heavily mobbed-up to be shore.)

Michelle Ma Belle and Zodiac Barack are great pals with Ophrah Winfrey, the Black Madonna herself, Official First Ambassador to The Global Elite . . . whoops Elders.  Global Elders.

Careless l.d.

But of course they’re Progressive and Diversitied etc. so, all’s good.

This blog suggests Barack and Michelle as the reincarnated Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Tiye. 


Queen Tiye

Queen Tiye

Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. ...

First Lady Obama


The matriarch of the Amarna dynastic lineage was Queen Tiya, personification of great-mother goddess Hathor.  In the Feminine Triad, this is the Crone, ruling from behind-the-veil.  The magickal child, Tutankhamun, is produced by Akhenaten’s Great Consort Kiya, the “bearing wife.”  Mother Anne Dunham produced Barack, and the Nymph is Michelle Robinson.  Akhenaton’s Nymph was First Consort Nefertiti, who gave him six daughters, but no male heir.  (Kiya, recall, like Ann Dunham, produced the “solar son.”)

Grandmother Toot evokes both Boy-King Tut and the Egyptian TeT or djedic resurrection or recharging structure, discussed below and elsewhere on the blogspot site.  She is the Hidden Capacitor, the Crone, now fully out of sight (because in Epyptian cosmology, and in context of this ritual operation performed at Grand Scale by modern Atlanto-Egyptian “sorcerers,” with Barack and Michelle Installed, Toot is much more effective operating from the Duat, the Egyptian underworld.)


Worshipping the solar deity Aten

Pharoah Ahknaten, Chief Consort Nefertiti, and two of their daughters (= Malia and Sasha) 



This blog has documented unlikely concentrations of events in Ill-i-noise over the past year — mall shootings and explosions, maverick sheriffs.  Campus shooting at Northern Illinois University’s Cole Hall.  (Cole, Kohl, or Kuhl, recalling prior posts, means “magician.”)  We reported on Blackwater North setting up shop west of Chicago; on Joe Smith’s temple in Nauvoo, Illinois; on the Highway of Death, Interstate 24 between Illinois and Tennessee; on the state’s decision to place men, and men only, in Electronic Tracking Bracelets on grounds they “might be involved in a messy divorce”; and on the many hi-tech companies of the Illinois Technological Corridor, along which lies the city of Aurora, where on October 16 a female infant and three male members of the Air Angels died when their helicopter crashed into power lines.  (The Corridor resonates both the female reproductive canal and the Nashville Bicenntennial “Mall,” see below.)

The current Akhenaten cults yanking the West’s political marionette strings are solar cults, worshipping the Great Mother Isis and her Son Aten, embodied in pharaoh. 

The Egyptian belief that the sun, at night, disappeared under the ground during a subterranean anti-voyage from west to east is conserved in the kabbalistic/alchemical motif of the Black Sun (or Son), prime symbol of the initiate’s nigredo or blackening processs.  Jung covers this in Psychology and Alchemy and Mysterium Conuinctionis.

In depth psychology and alchemy, the Black Sun represents the struggle — whether individual or collective — with the hidden, the taboo, the dragon, the devil, the Shadow.  The Isis that is this Earth attempts to re-constitute Osiris out of disparate elements of the collective unconscious, until an amalgam is formed (which, though unconscious and thus niger, consist of both dark and light parts.)

The Obama Express — with Robinson juju — is largely an Illinois phenomenon.  In alchemy, sol niger awaits Aurora  as The Dawn for illumination and the completed, capstoned consciousness of the Self.  (And what could be more appropriate to our Times and Energies than The Almighty Self, hm?)

A civilization producing Sol Niger as its totem, its president/pharaoh, is a profoundly unconscious culture which no amount of technology or modernity can conceal or enlighten.  It presents as a conuinctio, a successful mediation of contradiction and contrast, a messianic solution, solve.

But it’s no Solution, no mesiach.  It’s just plain lost.

Hermeticism — meaning Egyptian magick — posits two son/suns, one in material form as sol niger, and one of “pure, philosophical gold.”

Roughly, sol niger corresponds to Set.  Its ascendance and installation — like Anubis sailing before it as Aquarian Annunciate, through the sea-gates of London — affirms destruction, putrefaction, deception, dissolution.   No matter how Progressive such an Installaton appears, its results will be desolating and deteriorating — predictable and inevitable for civilizations ruled by Death Cults.

To l.d., pharaoh is pharaoh is pharaoh.  Just another Pretender. 

Tomorrow, the nailbiting “vote.”  Oooh-weeee, who shall it be?  :O)

Yesterday, the Black Son was enthroned.   Sorry about that silly poll-stuff.

There ain’t any “alternative.”  The “opposition” is Sun-of-Cain (the primal murderer’s son/descendant) and Oz-Shoed Sarah, Goddess-in-Waiting.

Choose n lose.

Like the mirror-image twin territories of the American football gridiron, like the Nashville Bi-Centennial Mall, like the uroboric serpent, they got us coming and going.  Even an Obama loss likely would trigger vote-fraud charges and race-war to go with the endless War on Maleness that our Grand Alchemists so fervently desire.

Either way, we’re getting a version of Chuckles the Kracked Klown’s Helter Skelter.

All hail Aknaten, child of Isis and Aton. 

The last slave is free, now all shall be enchained equally.  The Goddess reigns on high.

Satan at last is come home.

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