Doubling Down

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June 30, 2014, Double derecho spawned 8 tornadoes (Chicago area — i.e. Babylon Central Time)


June 29-30 Midwest/Mid-Atlantic derecho (2012, so, exactly TWO years prior)


The LORD of Hosts:


Come out of her my people
lest you take part in her sins,
lest you share in her plagues;
for her sins are heaped high as heaven
and God has remembered her iniquities.

Pay her back as she herself has paid back others,
and repay her double for her deeds;
mix a double portion for her in the cup she mixed.

(Rev. 18)



Instead of your shame
you will receive a double portion
and instead of disgrace
you will rejoice in your inheritance.

And so you will inherit a double portion in your land
and everlasting joy will be yours.

“For I, the Lord, love justice;
I hate robbery and wrongdoing.
In my faithfulness I will reward my people
and make an everlasting covenant with them.

(Isaiah 61)

O Holy Night (He Pone)

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Hark now!  hear the angels sing
A King is born today
And man will live forevermore
Because of Christmas Day

(Hairston, Schumann)



(blind squirrels seeking Acorn)


Still through the cloven skies they come
With peaceful wings unfurled
And still their heavenly music floats

O’er all the weary world
Above its sad and lowly plains
They bend on hovering wing
And ever over its Babel sounds
The blessèd angels sing.

For lo! the days are hastening on
By prophet-bards foretold
When with the ever circling years
Comes round the age of gold
When peace shall over all the earth
Its ancient splendors fling

And the whole world send back the song
Which now the angels sing.

(Sears, Willis)

The Restoration of Elkhart Truth

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Gaze-elling up-Mountain . . . on rocky t’rain


Make haste my beloved, and come quickly, like a gazelle or a young hart upon the mountain of spices!

(Song of Solomon 8)




The blast shockwave from the February 15 meteor-pass over Russia was largest globally in a century.  A certain sign.

Researching this meteor led to confirmations at Chozeh and Nabiy, whose Jeshua-thirsting and babylon-fleeing webmaster Carlos opened description of his asteroid-dream with a post from 2010 remarking upon atmospheric celestial objects as harbingers.  His dream warned America-Babylon against such a strike.

On May 23, an 8.3 quake complemented the Russian meteor, striking off the Siberian coast.  Again: a global shockwave, this time felt 4,00o miles from epicenter.

Our January 27 post closed with discussion of the paraclete’s coming withdrawl from Earth, and ensuing Playland of the Demonic permitting full NWO, Antichrist etc.

On January 19 our  Twist and Shout: Whitsky in the Jar-O tracked the repetitive doubling-motifs of U.S. tornados, and their relation to judgment of America as an idolatrous nation, biblical Babylon-the-Great.  Earlier studies focused on earthquakes, including illustrations of the efficacy of prayer to Father and His response via meteorologic, volcanic, or seismic phenomena.

Across various Scripture, the OT prophets midst their wakeful-visitations from God’s angels encountered judgments of endtimes-Babylon consistently involving doubling.  Therefore Watchers partly can gauge the eschaton, especially concerning Babylon-the-Great, via signets of twinnings or doublings in significant national events.

Twin-twisters whooped the twin-sisters of Dallas/Fort Worth in April 2012.  Dual tornados touched-down — highly anomalous — in New York City in September 2012, five months after the Dallas whirlers. 

Palm Sunday,  April 11 of 1965 witnessed the rare double-funnel tornados that crushed the Midway Trailer Park in Indiana (i.e., in demon “goddess” Diana, American spirit).


Palm sunday april 11 1965 Midway Trailer Park Indiana

double-barrels in-Diana, 1965


“Twist and Shout”  examined the spiritual frisson between tornados and judgment in America, especially on days holy to the Lord: Pentecost and Palm Sunday.  Pentecost was the sub-theme of that post, including a look at the massive May 7-15 Midwestern swarm of 127 twisters, whose midpoint of May 11 was simultaneously, and antipodally, both Mother’s Day and Pentecost. Four months prior, Emperor Soetoro ascended to the Throne of Babylon. 

Perhaps holy God was unamused.

Strong atmospheric disturbances on Pentecost would be extremely suggestive, as the paraclete or “holy spirit” often is described biblically as a wind or powerful breath.  If you fear God, love Jeshua, and strive towards them like the apostles at Pentecost well, that wind opens up some very handy doors within.

But if you live in a land that strives instead after unholiness and stupid vanities, then the same wind could prove less docile. 

On Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 2013, a major tornado outbreak swept through America’s Heartland, focusing on the State of Oklahoma, which had just kicked-off its Gay Pride Week with festive celebrations.  (Not that the homosexual nonsense is the only outrage in current America . . . only that the timing speaks.)

Next day, Moore OK absorbed an F-5, devastating the town, and levelling both Briarwood and Plaza Towers Elementary schools, with many fatalities.

Plaza Towers plainly resonates the Twin-Towers Plaza of 9-1-1.  Double judgments in Babylon: two elementary schools were destroyed on May 20, the second day of the outbreak.  The word Towers is plural, and 2013 is the 50th aniversary of the JFKingkill at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, which also was struck, as reported above,  by dual tornados recently.     

Briarwood appears in the eschatologic “red wine vineyard” passage of Isaiah 37, oft cited on this blog regarding Barack and Michelle, typing the “king and queen of babylon” –


In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.

In that day sing ye unto her,  A vineyard of red wine.

I the Lord do keep it; I will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day.

Fury is not in me: who would set the briers and thorns against me in battle? I would go through them, I would burn them together.

Or let him take hold of my strength, that he may make peace with me; and he shall make peace with me.

He shall cause them that come of Jacob to take root: Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit



The direness of the 2013 Pentecost Sunday judgments shows in the deaths of children, attending a public institution of a Babylon-State no longer recognizing, much less obeying, God.  Thus, the nation is rebuked at its most vulnerable and sensitive point.  But unlike Sandy Hook, there is nowhere to point the National Finger of Vengeance.  Except at ourselves.

The message is:  Babylon cannot protect and secure your children.  Only God can do that.  Choose.

God permits such deaths to children in nations, locales, or contexts exhibiting extreme wickedness and rebellion.  The most famous Scriptural example is the twin she-bears who slew 42 children of a single city for mocking the prophet Elisha, who recently had received a double portion of power, authority, and blessing from just-translated Elijah, his spiritual mentor.  This was an extremely rare event, possibly unprecedented, authorized by God.  (The LORD would never have forced such a thing — but because Elijah agreed, loving his “spiritual son” Elisha so tremendously — God did facilitate and perform the transfer.  A similar dynamic was, and is, in effect between “Zerubbabel” and Joshua.)

On May 1st of 2013, and with subsequent updates, the Chozeh and Nabiy blog tracked the completion of the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in New York City (New Babylon), where the Twin Towers once stood.  Thus, as with Elijah, Elisha, and the twin-bears, the theme of prophets and slain youth is present.  Nine days after the Freedom Tower rose to its full glory of 1776-feet, the Plaza Towers and Briarwood Schools were razed.

The chief underlying reason for the Pentecost Sunday tornados is the same as the reason for 9-1-1, and other judgments within the U.S. — the mistreatment and silencing of God’s prophets, the abuse of God’s people, the general wickedness of Shinar-America towards its citizens and the world, and the theft of the inheritance of American Israel.  Geographic, floral, and faunal America is a land created in stunning glory and bounty, by the Lord, for his people therein.

Long since have usurpers stolen the nation, by deceit and cunning and force.

Despite the unworthiness of his servants, the Lord confirms and protects them . . . rather like a she-bear defends her cubs.  Hm.

The average American would rush to complain that if God really was good, he’d d be a lot more concerned about the innocent children in Moore OK, than about some raggedy unpopular old men who are used-up dead-weight, and don’t contribute anything except criticism or worse.


But Father and Jeshua don’t see the world, nor individuals, like the average American. 

Following is one of little dynamo’s comments from Carlos’ post, The Freedom Tower –read the full thread there to see how we arrived at the 5/19/13 date as event-predictive –


here’s one of yr link partners, Endtimes Forecaster, with yet another facet of our 1980 formula –

“Also as the video mentioned 5/19/13 is the feast of Pentecost. 1980 years ago at the feast of Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon believers with a mighty rushing wind from heaven and cloven tongues of fire.”

his observation concerning Pentecost follows on our comments concerning prophets, the “church” etc

the blog author adds that he was “saved” in 1980 — so, a tangential confirmation and extension of our conversation (with the God’s Geography author also contributing)

the Forecaster guy suggests a possible event on 5/19 or abouts, not visionary but based on evidential probability


Also from l.d. at Carlos’ comments section — 

It is a terrible thing to be left defenseless before the Living God, and that God happens to be ferociously jealous concerning his selected persons (despite the lowness and unworthiness of those persons)

on May 1 and following, carlos posted “The Freedom Tower of Babylon” presaging the Plaza Towers site

on 10 May he reported the Freedom Tower was at full 1776-feet , and on 13 May that obama (king of babylon) signed the Tower Spire

on 16 May, carlos posted about his prophetic call

three days later, the two-day (double judgment of babylon) tornado swarms occur

in the “Freedom Tower” post, the Spirit guides carlos and i through the logic and math of an event, arriving at the 5/19/13 date as probable, based on the God’s Geography “St Helens” page and the 1980 eruption year, the Endtimes Forecaster speculations, the deposition of satan in 33 a.d., and the unusual juxtaposition of Pentecost on 5/19/13 — within a framework of a cycle-completon of the precession involving the constellation Draco (celestial dragon)

the Spirit and evidence led to the 5/19 date, and to a joining or furthering or completion of the Lord with his remnant in 2013



Plume, Mt. St. Helen’s eruption, 1980, from God’s Geography


Recent readings:


Remnant Bride:

The smoking oven seen in the covenant in Genesis 15 that precedes in passing between the covenant parts, is in fact the furnace, the Elijah, who will distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, refine the silver, and precede and prepare the way for Immanuel. . . .

There is yet another revealing testimony that speaks to this man like Moses, and that is Joshua.  Joshua, like Elijah, equally took the place of and fulfilled the work of Moses.  What Moses was supposed to have done, Joshua performed.  Read Joshua 1:1-18.  And keep in mind here, what Joshua did in leading the sons of Israel into the Promised Land west of the Jordan, is precisely what Elijah does—he leads the way out of the wilderness into the Millennial Reign. . . .


From Part Two, same article

Therefore, that which truly took place, and takes place, relative to the passage of the rod is the following: 

Satan was given the rights to the office of the twelfth apostle, the office of the Elijah, and when Yahshua left, the Rod turned into a serpent, Satan.  As the sole remaining apostle over the next 2,000 years, he has had the legal rights over the Body of Christ.  However, though this may look bad for the church, and has indeed resulted in the affliction and corruption of the kingdom, it also affords something very valuable—it kept the office of the twelfth apostle viable until “to whom it belongs comes.”  This is the promised Elijah. . . .

Prophetically, donkeys speak of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, since Judas occupied the office that would be fulfilled by Elijah, it is indeed most hopeful that he untied the donkey and brought it to Yahshua so as to prepare for His triumphal entry.  This is indeed the work of Elijah, and is our hope today so as to prepare the way for Immanuel.  Judas’ part in this is also in harmony with the palm branches that were then laid before Yahshua—the teachings from the head of the erect palm tree, the rod, Elijah.

In like testimony, with the rod identified with Judah, if someone legally gives you the rod and you accepted it, it essentially makes you a Jew.  Is that not correct?  Indeed, for you now operate in the authority of that rod.  You enter into the place of that race that has the legal right to rule.  By flesh and blood you may not be a Jew, but by authority and actions you are.  This is exactly what happens with regard to Christians.  When you accept the rod/Rod, even though you were not a Jew, you enter into that spiritual ruling order.  So, the fact is that as soon as someone receives the rod, this identifies them as Judah, even though by flesh and blood they are not. . . .


There’s been a Scriptural Renaissance of analysis, interpretation, and speculation on the net the past dozen years, and most Christian and Hebrew adults have little excuse for not being aware of America’s place in Christian eschatology. 

Yet it is God who brings us forth from Babylon — or not — a reality proved to l.d. over the past two decades, as he was slowly led like a stoopid mule from a conditon of Pretty Much Zero interest in God to a condition somewhat more intense.

As for helping to introduce the Lord to planet Earth?  Not long ago, l.d. would’ve put that possibility right up there with Lt. Uhuru from Star Trek turning out to be God.

This planet’s god, maybe.  ;O)

The Shack’s god, maybe.

Little Dynamo is not a “belief” guy, his background was research and writing, literature, music, special investigations, psychology, history, so forth — at Babylon U, not Bible College.  So knowing his heathen, the Lord graciously provided l.d. with evidentiary proofs over the past decade of His methods and meanings, clumsily documented on these blogs.

Gaze-elling back from the current perspective of Mostly Ignorance to his former years of Utter Ignorance, there is therefore no reason whatsoever for pride-of-accomplishment in any of l.d.’s net-works.  Not only was it a “guided tour” but of course l.d. had mucho help, some silent and some overt.

So when little dynamo skribbles herein about Christ’s coming Kingdom, these are novelties and astonishments to l.d., as they are to most readers . . . and far beyond l.d.’s imagination only a couple decades back. 

Jesus didn’t appear to little dynamo on a midnight rainbow and dictate to l.d. all of this blog’s Really Cool Posts.

And LD doesn’t cleave to Jeshua because adults told him to as a kid in Church or Bible Class, but by gradual accumulation of evidence of Christ’s rightful Kingship, which can belong to no other being in history, based upon merit and evidence. 

Likewise, l.d. doesnt base expectation of the imminence of Jeshua’s return — or the healing touch of Joshua — upon faith and hope, but upon the experiential markers provided by God and his agents, as supported and guided by a Holy Scripture that ongoingly proves its own predictive, transtemporal, and sentient character.

Does any other text predict consistently, in realtime on a global scale”  No.  The Koran?  Get real.

Little dynamo is not biased towards Jeshua or the OT prophets because somebody told him to, or he was trained to it, or because it’s a comfy part of his social life, whence after Sunday Services he and his pals commandeer the large manicured backyard garden of the “minister” to snurf champagne with our chubby wives.  No probly not.

The people of little dynamo’s nation increasingly seem dead inside . . . but Isaiah and Zechariah and Malachi, Daniel and David and Amos, Jeremiah and Revelator John?  They feel alive to little dynamo . . . just a breath, a loving word away, from rising up even more whole and glorified than they were the first go-round.  Who wants the rest when you can have the best?

The words of Jeshua and the OT prophets ring through the event-fabric of the nations, and are confirmed and vivified on this planet, in sight of all.  The long sweet drowse of the OT prophets will lift off, like tule fog in mid-morn sun.  They will follow their prophecies like puptails, around to restoration and affirmation in Christ’s Millennium.



[text above of May 28, resumed below on evening of May 29]




On Saturday, May 25, two trains going opposite directions collided, striking and partially collapsing two 40-foot columns of the Highway M Overpass in Rockview, Missouri, near the town of Chaffee.

Biblically, 40 is the archtypal period of trial, testing, probation, bondage or enslavement, usually of a group-remnant, but occasionally of a specific candidate, as when Satan manifested personally for 40 days to tempt Christ in the Judean Desert.  Elijah was 40 days in Mount Horeb.

 The Israel-lights spent 40 years in the First Wilderness, and servants of the LORD — often asleep to themselves — are emerging from 40 years of Falling Away and Trancewalking through the Second Wilderness of Babylon-the-Great.

Missouri = Ms. Hour-I or Miss Whore I, and Chaffee contains double f’s and double e’s.  

As for the town of Rockview . . .

Tonight, May 29, with this post pending and still unfinished, l.d. read Carlos’ comment about “Elijah Rock” and “chills” . . . so, it sounded like sign-off time.  :O)

Plop in the latebreaking train collision addendum and hit Publish!

Fear no metallic rut nor tornado nor quake of Earth o fine and fit gaze-elles, but up the Mountain steep to Father, leaping chasms of impossible physics by trusty Spirit.

Praise Father for Jeshua our King, and for bringing Joshua into l.d.’s hours and hand, the only balm that could heal little dynamo’s babylon-mangled soul.  Brave and broken Joshua, whose heartache-face courses forth good-will and guilelessness, a wonder even amongst the Wondrous, imperfect and unimpeachable, an anointed Son of Adam whose integrity will not be subverted, not this time.

Bi Bi Babylons

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Remember all the bowin’-n-kowtowin’ from Obie during Reign One?  The obesiences to foreign politicians and other slitherers?

Well Pope Francis also does the Fake Humble Jig, convincing a hopeful (and deceived) world that slobbering over the feet of women reflects Christ’s service, humility . . . and attitude towards Female Empowerment.   

It’s risky to award a Grand Prize for Evil the past couple months, what with the field so elite and diverse.  However, when considering the merits of malice, one ought never discount the Subtlety Index . . . it’s the word that materializes in Genesis, after all, right along with the serpent described, condemned eternally to grovel and crawl.





Pope washes women’s feet in break with church law


By NICOLE WINFIELD | Associated Press – Thu, Mar 28, 2013

ROME (AP) — In his most significant break with tradition yet, Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of two young women at a juvenile detention center — a surprising departure from church rules that restrict the Holy Thursday ritual to men.

No pope has ever washed the feet of a woman before, and Francis’ gesture sparked a debate among some conservatives and liturgical purists, who lamented he had set a “questionable example.” Liberals welcomed the move as a sign of greater inclusiveness in the church.



Kissing the Feet of his Goddess.  Bowing the knee to Ba’al.  Lawbreaker of his own Church.

Holy Thursday commemorates Jeshua’s last meal with the crew, his twelve chosen MALE apostles.  During that Supper, he established an eternal covenant of BROTHERHOOD in the Father, and around Himself.

By washing their feet, he foreshadowed his cleansing of them (and us) by crucifixion the following day, and established his Kingdom of service and humility.  Soon the disciples would gain and wield much spiritual power, a potentially disastrous inheritance.  Christ guarded against this, leaving them a picture of himself as a humble servant.

Which he is.  And always will be.

Three years before little dynamo’s birth, in 1950 Pope Pius XII claimed the “Assumption” of Mary as dogma of Catholic faith, and the modern trajectory of goddess/apostasy, and of gender-rebellion, began in earnest.

In a post from 2009 Francis’ predecessor Pope Benedict used the occasion of Good Friday — the day this planet murdered the best man ever created — to twice bemoan that humanity’s women were “oppressed.”

We sneered:

On Betrayal Thursday Benedict assured us that Christ weeps for women, the victims of planetary oppression by The Patriarchy


Catholicism, like Protestanism, hurltles towards the New Woman Order, desperate to re-establish its public rep.  A cheap whore, lusting after cheap reconciliation, fawning — like the Prots — over the female congreagants who fill the pews and pay the bills.

The descent of Catholicism into obsequious pandering before their Goddess continues with Pope Jesuit the First,  on his knees, lapping the feet of two young women, like they were Pharaoh’s own dotters.

“Pope” Francis, supposedly representative of Christ on Earth, desecrates the covenant between Jesus and his inner-circle, closest companions.  Christ bathing the disciples’ feet re-confirms both why the King is King, and God’s established order: Christ obeys Father, men (and angels) obey Christ, women obey men, children obey women.

The Chaldean Pope rebels against the divine and natural order, in a carefully planned and constructed tableaux for the global media and citizenry.  Instead of concentrating on — and praising —  Jesus during Holy Week, the world is led to delight in  Another Breakthrough for Women.   Yay for U.S.!!  Jeshua’s manly illustration of regal humility and love are inverted by the Serpent Tribes, twisting Holy Thursday into a covert genuflection to their mother/son cults.

Francis is the first Jesuit Pope.  The Jesuits are a pseudo-Christian, semi-occult fraternity pretending Defense of the Faith.  Instead, they defend Babylon, unsurprising for an order descended from the Templars, through the gnostic sects and Egyptian court magicians, thence to the original Chaldean Priesthood of Babylon Uno, whose knowledge was antediluvial, passed from “nephilim”. 

Dagon, god of the Philistines, is an aquatic deity, a sea-demon . . . likely, one of the fallen angels, cast into large bodies of water long ago, for safekeeping.

Thus the fish-hat of the popes, who now desire to unite humanity in bondage peace-and-love.  All religions are basically the same anyway, Jesus said love your neighbor, everyone’s on-board except extremists, radicals, and other uninclusive haters.

As with Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama, Pope Francis suggests duplicity in choosing his name.

Purportedly, the pope is named after the lover of God’s natural world, Saint Franis of Assissi.  But more likely, he’s taken the name (spirit) of “saint” Francis Xavier, who co-founded the “Society of Jesus” in the 16th Century.  The Jesuits have great power in America, especially in academia, and are longstanding champions of feminism.  Amongst the Catholic Orders, they are the Priests of Progressivism.

The second installation of Pharaobama, like the election of Jesuit Pope Francis, seals the State/Church pact with Satan and Shinar.  Like Bullinger, P.K. Dick envisioned it also as a ruling-duad — Scientific Legate and Christian-Islamic Church.

The brethren, and authentic masculinity, are officially excluded from the secular and religious institutions of Earth.  The President and Pope whine at the feet of their mistress, eager to caper.  Another Thursday dies on the vine, unloved and unhallowed.



Why do the nations rage?
and the peoples plot in vain?

The kings of the earth set themselves
and the rulers take counsel together
against the Lord and against his Anointed . . .

Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

(Psalm 2)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Shoo Fly Shoo

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above: Lord of the Superflies, Fresh Prince of Bal Air

below:  Beel-zebub, Asshur, Az-hur, Ahura Mazda, atmospheric possessing demon of Nimrod; the right hand navigates, saying I am Leader, all go forward under My Hand, lightning










On 24 January, in the White House’s State Dining Room, in the District of Goddess Columbia, a freshly reconfirmed Pharaobama gave the world a glimpse of his “special travelling companion.”

Sounds like Columbia’s State Dining Room wouldn’t pass a Health Inspection!

Beelzebub means Lord of the Flies.  In that context, flies connote:


1) the natural biological insects

2) human followers or enablers of Baal/Satan

3) demons capable of flight — Satan is the Prince of Mid-Air


In Az-U-Lie-Kit and Quean of the Celebrity Bal (intro duct),  AF and LD trowell through the masonry-saturated Copper Quean Mine of Bisbee, Arizona.   Arizona = AZ, azaz-el in air-a-zone-a.

From a post in November:


The Gaza Breach, however, is on “the other side of the universe” — smack on the Queen’s Highway powerlines, the coastal route of the ancient Philistine Pentapolis.

These old cities have wicked, and occult, biblical pedigrees.  All worshipped Baal in some form, typically as fish-god Dagon — associated with Sirius, and thus, with the Descending Goddess of the First Degree Tracing Board, and the Copper Quean of New York Harbor, Lady Libertas.  Like Dagon, an aquatic idol.

When the Philistines snatched the ark — how clever! – the Pentapolis towns of Ashdod, Gath, and finally Ekron got plagued with tumors and mice. Sores for human houses, vermin for physical dwellings.

Sow, reap, the Pentapolis was healed only after trespass-payments to the ark in gold – fashioned exactly of their sufferings. (1 Samuel 6)

Ekron anagrams krone, so, crone. The old unseen one, third maninfestation of the tripfem.  Judge Sarah Hughes from the Love Field Installation photo . . . Judge Esperanza Alon, with her killer Klerk.

The sanctuary of Baal-zebub was at Ekron.

Prolly still is!

Goliath’s home was Gath, meaning the remnant of the antediluvial nephilim resided nearby — and probably throughout the Philistine Pentapolis.  So, Gath: the associations are occultism, mixed breeding, and enhanced physical and psycho-spiritual power through goetic magick.

Gaza was also called Azatti – following the recent AZ-trail of Gabby Giffords, the Copper Queen Mine, etc. — suggests solar-worship, and also Azaz-el and Beelzebub.



The shrine-city or “religious center” of the Philistine Pentapolis was Ekron, dedicated to Ba’al-zebub, in hermeticized cover as “healer.”  The demon-infested Pentapolis sprawls along the Queen’s Highway powerlines (spiritual influence) of the West Meditteranean coast.

The ark required a specific trespass levy from Ekron (golden mice, plus gold shaped into the VERY FORM of their own personal tumors! lol) so to rub their Ekronite mugs — and the faces of the priests and kings of the Philistine Pentapolis — in the impotence and falseness of their god, Beel-zebub . . . whose apotropaics failed miserably, as tumor-plagues ravaged their filthy city.

As mentioned, EKRON = KRONE;  Ano Domini Christian sources usually equate Beel-zebub directly with Satan, or sometimes a first Lieutenant — a high-ranking fallen angel, seated-upon-Earth in a human mind.   Beel-zebub also means “lord of the heavenly dwelling” or “prince of the lofty seat/place”.   Thus, along with Pres Superfly, this demon recalls Mesopotamian sky-god Ashur or Az-ur . . . Ahura Mazda, Azaz-el, Ba’al.   Marty “Move Over” Scorcese, for example, updated Ba’al as “Butcher” Bill.

Especially during the most intense period of tribulations, already begun on this world, the forehead becomes a battlefront, a billboard of fealty, separating two antithetic armies: those sealed with Father’s Name in forehead, Christ’s kiss, and protected from spiritual (eternal) harm; and those sealed in forehead (alternately, hand) with the Mark of the Beast, whose allegiance is to a man Antichrist, indwelled by Satan.  The Marked are permitted to interact with global commercial structures, but live unprotected from spiritual and “natural” judgment and disaster.

Uh folks that blackfly between President Pharaoh’s eyes?  It’s probly not Revelation‘s “Seal of the Father.”

The “Superfly Soetoro” photo recalls U.S. Great Seal tumbling off Pharaoh’s Podium, whilst addressing the Women’s Empowerment Konklave of Greater Kol-umbia.




God is not just Great . . . he’s FUNNY!

The Official White House Transcript of the Dining Room Incident reads: “This guy is bothering me here. — (swatting at a fly)”


Not very re-speck-ful is he?


Colin de Plancy Diccionarie Infernal

















above: Colin de Plancy, Diccionaire Infernal

below: Prince of Flies, Scorpion King





Demons of “waste places” and wilderness oft are epicted as insectoid and/or winged-insectoid due to “mid-air” powers, and as vectors of disease and plague.

In 2 Kings 1 we first encounter the Lord of the Flies during Elijah’s lifetime, when King Ahaziah of Israel sends to Ekron for medical advice from their stupid god, Baal-zebub or Da-gon.   Upon hearing this nonsense, Elijah condemns King Ahaziah to die . . . for harboring Beel-zebub “in his forehead” or upon his mind, and calling upon an idol, instead of Yahweh.

It’s an insult, you see?  Elijah took it very personally.  So should you.

As in many hermetics, healing is promised from Beelzebub, as Ekron was famous for sorcerous methods — human/child sacrifice, drugs, sex-magick, chicken gizzards, the lot.


Thus saith the Lord, Forasmuch as thou hast sent messengers to enquire of Baalzebub the god of Ekron, is it not because there is no God in Israel to enquire of his word? therefore thou shalt not come down off that bed on which thou art gone up, but shalt surely die.

So he died according to the word of the Lord which Elijah had spoken.


Notice Elijah didn’t speak, nor condemn, in his own power and his own name, but by the Lord’s word – meaning according to the Lord’s will, previously communicated to the prophet.  Christ, later through Malachi, promises a “returned Elijah” as an end-times aide. 

Under accusations by the (usual, predictable, proud) Pharisees that he exorcised demons from folks by power of Baalzebub, Christ responds with a terrible personal and collective rebuke . . . in fact, he gets so, well, exercised, that he condemns Babylon-the-Great, the final Satanic empire or kingdom!

It’s like, OK, when you started blaspheming I was just gonna damn you.  But now, I’ll toss in your posterity, right to the end-root of time . . . and damn your Inspirer too.  Got anything else to say?

They went away seeking his blood, skuh-reeching inside.

In the NIV the subheading “Christ and Beelzebub” underlines the confrontation, in which the Pharisees channel sa-tan:


Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand? And if I drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your people drive them out? So then, they will be your judges. But if I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you. 

(Matthew 12)



In the [non-canonical] Testament of Solomon, a Hellenistic Jewish text but with substantial Christian interpolations, Beelzebub appears as prince of the demons and says (6.2) that he was formerly a leading heavenly angel who was (6.7) associated with the star Hesperus (which is the normal Greek name for the planet Venus (Αφροδíτη) as evening star). Seemingly, Beelzebul here is simply Satan/Lucifer. Beelzebul claims to cause destruction through tyrants. . . .

[brackets added]



Again, we find Fly-Lord Beelzebub connected with the primal feminine sphere-oid, goddess-orb Venus, Al-Uzzah . . . the local planet associated with both Sirius, and with the controlling demon of the United States, Shinar — Queen of Babylon.

Shinar, the wicked ephah-djinn described in the Book of Zechariah.   Halal, i.e., Lucifer, a proper-name of the title sa-tan, means shining morning star . . . like Venus. 

Thus, both the female (Shinar/Whore Babylon) and the male (Beelzebub) are displayed, as God clearly reveals who (and what) stands at power-podium over America, global empire Babylon-the-Great. 

It is not Christ Jesus. 

The name Beelzebub surfaced often in the Salem, Mass. witch-dramas. Salem is home of American witch-craft, and is an antithetic mockery of Christ’s City of Peace, Sa-lem.   Witch-craft is usually associated with atmospheric malevolences, with extra-physical flight.  Even today, Salem MA abounds in occultism, feminism, rebellion.  Sells itself that way to tourists, too.

Barack means lightning . . . like flies or demons, an atmospheric entity.  The buzzing fly affixed to the “third eye” temporal lobe of the just-Inaugurated President infers demonic vision/possesson, revolving to prior discussions of Bisbee, Arizona (bz-bee, buzzing bee, Beel-ze-bub) and its thoroughly masonic Copper Quean Consolidated Mine . . . and related modern AZ events surrounding Gabrielle Giffords and her anticrhistic-resonant head-wound survival, the Tucson “time capsule” masonic ceremony, and other phenomena.














Last December 17, Secretary-of-Hate Hillary Rodamn Clinton reportedly suffered a concussion . . . thus, another headwound, to a female servant of Shinar.   Assuming “fertile ground,” cranial-trauma facilitates demonic possession, the shock to consciousness providing a transitional platform and gate.

Here and by lamp Aferrismoon we’ve investigated alliance amongst copper, masonic practice, copper-state Arizona (AZ), Goddess Libertas, the copper-coated Statue of Liberty (Libertas), the biblical Great Whore/Babylon the Great, and Venus as “copper planet” and goddess of “love” (sex, violence, occult, and death).

Jared Loughner wryly advised Americans to “welcome yourself to the desert.”

At least he knew where he was.   Until they Fixed him.

Both major 20th century occult rituals were held in deserts: Crowley’s Amalantrah Working (Sahara) and Rocket Jack/Mother Hubbard and the Babalon Working (Mojave).   Atomic fission is closely connected to alchemy, and to solar rites (Nimrod/Ashur/Azazel/Copper King).   The Trinity (goddess) Test in the New Mexican Sonoran probably exteriorized the spiritually-prepared entity, Babalon, or Shinar, by submolecular alchemical artifices.  Kore, Kopper Kween of Hell, reborn cerelean deity.  (First Degree Tracing Board, descending solar goddess.)


From KingKill 33, via Quean of the Celebrity Bal (intro duct): 

Arizona is the “Copper State”. Copper (Kypros) is symbolically as well as etymologically associated with Cyprus (Kypros) and cyprian. The word “cyprian” indicates a ‘wanton woman’ and this meaning is traced through the word Kypris to Aphrodite Porne, Venus, Al-Uzzah. The “Great Whore” of mythology and those women who fulfill this role in magic sexualis from time to time are called “Copper Queans” or “Copper Queens”.

An association of the name Cyprus to Copper in Arizona is indicated by the Cyprus and Baghdad Copper Company which operates a mine near Prescott. There is a Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona that was built and operated by a copper company.



Shinar and Beelzebub are desert or wilderness demons — largely, why their worship is centered in Arizona — at the Copper Quean Consolidated, at resurrection-city Phoenix, at the Tucson Masonic lodges, and in like waste-places.

The malice was lying wait, like some drowsing, leering sidewinder, a-preparing in America long, long before the Brethren groomed little Indonesian schoolboy Barry Soetoro and his mammy, to lead Shinar’s Nation with Belzz-e-bub.   A patient and growing evil, lurking half-buried in the Sonoran sands . . . until 1963, when the tentacles finalized their chokehold on the Republic’s throat . . . long before the barack-bolt actually struck Earth . . .  perhaps part of the fall seen far off across the millennia by the Greatest Prophet, Jesus Christ.

With much help from AF, our bluesy LoserBlog covered those events, because they carry such obvious last-days signatures.

And on cue, once again God confims the suppositions and deductions of an insignificant servant, even a least servant . . . as the blackfly promptly returns home, alighting upon and illuminating his Dupe’s forehead . . . In the Drudge collage, flies are likewise attracted to Mr. Hussein Obama’s mouth — from which pure shit regularly bursts forth.

Flies ain’t stupid.   They’re evil.

Ever watch flies around livestock in the summer?  You figure out real quick what they are.

Beelzebub = Bel = Belial, that is, Liar.  The forehead is seat of upper-cognition, of forethought . . . bio-equivalent of the “Upper Chamber.”












Compare bottom-left photo from montage, above, with Africa and Madagascar.





Deduction from diverse evidence suggests a high-ranking spirit already possesses Superfly Soetoro . Beelzebub the Dung King is sometimes considered a second-in-command, but minimally, at inner-circle of Satan.   Additionally, when it comes to possession, one can “trade-up” in rank and power.

So, where’ that leave you?  How do you fit in with all this Bad Craziness?  Where do folk that love and fear God go from here?

As Revelation 12 asserts, neither little dynamo — nor any other individual — is going to ground Satan.

It’s not little dynamo that Christ — the Son of MAN — will use to crashland Lucifer, and to administer and populate his universe . . . as Forever calmly eeeks along blissfully.

It’s you.


And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

(Revelation 12)


The Bible says THEY force Satan down, not this person or that.   THEY pry away his vicegrip control on the airs (minds and materiel) . . . THEY expose his schemes and subtleties, THEY wound him, hound him from the sublunar atmospheres, dragging him down with the Awful Truth . . . and finally leave him no cover of lies, no hiding place, except planetary surface . . . inside a human.   Lucifer is an angel, not created like Man, of earth-material — but of a sort of fire.

Who are “they” who, literally, over-come Satan, and bring him down?

Not the State, not the Church, not the angels through some collective, miraculous intervention.

Human beings, serving Father, overcome Satan, setting up further restrictions and judgments, by the Host under Christ, and later by Christ himself.



beelzebub russian icon







Beelzebub (Russian icon) . . . suggestive of Osiris . . . nice Afro!



The Red Dragon, present sa-tan of Earth, wasn’t bound in subluna voluntarily, and will not submit to the extreme limitations and densities of terran matter voluntarily.   That is horror to a being used to roaming vastnesses, for billions of years and in millions of guises, at freedom, in greatness and majesty, doing his will unopposed.  He will resist to uttermost and so will all planetary demons, and celestial fallen.

Soon after the paraclete departs, Satan is forced to planetary surface.


Through Patmos John, Christ in Revelation 12 reveals the weaponry:


And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.



1) Satan is identified with deceit.  The effective and opposing weapon is expression of truth, especially in relation to Jesus, the embodiment of Truth.  The “word of their testimony” means the warriors who tromple on Satan testify publically — in various forms — against the Liar, the Accuser of “our brethren.”

Satan constantly accuses other angels, and human beings.   The “brethren” are both the host who are righteous and loyal, but imperfect as all created beings; but most especially male human beings, who in modern western cultures are under constant attack, accusation, and degradation.  Satan’s demons, therefore, will often be found amongst holders of high political, economic, legal, religious, or military power in such nations.

When witnessing societies scapegoating, criminalizing, and disenfranchising boys and men, we see Lucifer and the fallen angels working through men and women in powerful, and often very public, positions.


2) “Loved not their lives unto the death” literalizes the level and intensity of commitment required to overcome the off-planet spiritual and temporal ruler of Earth, long-entrenched and, as ever, quite popular.  Give us Barabbas! etc.

Opposing Lucifer is all-or-nothing, and while not everyone will die in martyrdom, those who expect to land any real punches disdain this world — not in its natural and suffering state, evoking pity . . . but in its artificed, fallen corruption . . . well-expressed by persons of high-office.

This isn’t a world.   Its an infestation.

In Revelation 12’s battle injuction, success demands devotion to Father’s business, even at risk or certainty of death.


3) How can the “blood of the Lamb” be weaponized?

Well, the mocking, torture, and murder of a sinless, righteous, and thoroughly holy man occurred by the (possessive) order of LucyFer, and of her demons. With full cognizance of Jesus’ blamelessness and purity.

Everybody saw it, too.  All of heaven, fallen and unfallen.

When Father chose to present himself to Earth in the form of a low creature — a human male — that creature was persecuted, hated, and slain unjustly by his lessers.  Mostly because they couldn’t . . . can’t . . . stand the reality of being lessers.


Christ’s treatment is an eternal accusation against the Great Accuser, who’s always quick to point out faults and sins in everybody else.  There is no rejoinder nor response to the Crucifixion’s blatantly true accusation against Lucifer’s iniquity, pride, jealousy, spite, wickedness . . . thus, sa-tan’s defense of planetary rulership was annulled, his authority ridiculed, exposed as a sham and a predation.  (S)he is a base defiler, a dealer in the blood of the righteous.  Pointing these things out to Satan — and to his friends and human accomplices — always leaves a mark.  Permanently.

. . . never forget, they slaughtered a gentle, beautiful, unresisting and perfect Lamb, then boasted about how powerful they were.  Are.

As the Holy Blood was taken from our King, for our salvation and redemption, we use it just as liberally as its shedding, a switchblade against those who defiled it, and defile it still.


4) When you have thrown Satan and his lying demons off the “airwaves,” Revelation 12 reports that the “Kingdom of our God” instantaneously, and literally, conquers all of heaven. The cosmic and atmospheric demons no longer influence the celestial realms.   Heaven exults.

Earth, of course, having absorbed a sa-tan gradually cognizant of, and enraged at, his demotion . . . and having absorbed his myriad foaming demons into its animals and humans . . . is grieved, terrified, and agonized.  Temporarily.

The Kingdom comes instantaneously, but Satan and the angels are not felled in one swoop . . . though there is a critical-mass involved.

They’re brought down by humble people doing small things, a little here, a little there.  Kinda like the Fellowship did with the Cave Troll in Moria.   Everybody gets in a poke.

The key event in bringing the Kingdom to all heaven (and soon thereafter to Earth) is the “expulsion” — from legitimacy, really . . . from credibility and from influence . . . of Satan, his demons, and the humans who transmit his lies throughout Earth, using political, technological, ideological, communications, academic, and other means.  Already this is underway, and when it’s mass explodes, the DoomSong begins for this world’s enslavement under the Prince of Pride, Beel-zebub.

From 1972, with the sexually ambiguous tagline . . . like Lucy-fer and Barry-zebub, who just ain’t too sure what they are.















Effective opponents are a horrible Weight upon Lucifer’s spirit.  They occupy their minds and moments making war.  A trivial span of human decades, of fleeting earth-life, is NOTHING compared to the once-in-forever opportunity to deathdance on this monster’s little Horrorshow. . . this profitable and pathetic Horrorshow. . . and make him a Permanent Part of his own proud interferences.

The world political and military leader called Antichrist will be possessed by Lucifer personally; the Prince will take no chances in controlling that human’s mind and behaviors.  Thus, a very high-ranking demon (Beelzebub) inferred possessing the most powerful political, military, and economic figure on the planet — the U.S. President — confirms that Obama is certainly a major, and probably penultimate, antichrist-type.  

Though, as Chris Berman might say, He . . . could . . . go . . . All The Way.

Barry Soetoro deceives even by name, calling himself the more occultly-felicitous and politically correct Barack Obama.

Apart from the usual money/power/influence obsessions, on the inside Barry-O is void.  A big box of Null with pretty ribbons glued on.

Though his actual personal potency and magnetism are negligible, his “incredible charisma” and messianism is projected onto him by millions of vain, self-absorbed devotees/voters, who like Barack worship themselves . . . and will have no other god(dess) before themselves!   Most of these are women, many of whom faint and affect powerlessness and utter submission in Obie’s august presence.


Said “My my” like a spider to a fly




Jump right ahead in my web



As sorry a specimen of “manhood” as this guy is, Barry has a tremendous occult/hermetic/alchemical pedigree . . . and in all likelihood a satanic bloodline.

Mr. President is a living Hegelian Third, a product of the “Alchemical Marriage” — which isn’t always between two persons.   In Soetoro’s case, he is an authentic example of coniunctio, walking manifest in the world.   His DNA coagulates the Red Man (African father) with the White Lady/White Queen (the witch, Asset Anne Dunham).   Thus, the U.S. President, from an occult and psycho-spiritual standpoint, is demonic TNT — soon on short fuse, as his “policies” predictably fail bigtime, God continues judgments against America, an he goes Baal-istic.

If the comforter is taken shortly, then Obie could, conceivably, display the overt and public occult/miraculous attributes assoiciated with the final, global Antichrist . . . that is, signs of authentic adeptness beyond glibness,  beyond fainting, swooning, and enraptured women.   Obama has the “makings.”













Overhead tag “How Women Will Save Europe” — the Woman rides the Beest


God is about to leave America — and the world — to the evil that the world insists upon . . . continually and fervently demands!   The second election of Barack Obama confirms to heaven that a trememdous number of folks are pretty darn happy about evil, and have no intention of ever “voting” for anything else.  Ever.   :O)

Little dynamo used to know lots of these people, quite a few of them single, employed women. They are very pleased with President Obama and his policies, and many truly view him messianically: not because he displays messianic characteristics, but because he gives them everything they want.   LOL

Like toddlers, it is the selfish, deceitful, glut of illimitable empowerment, greed, and vanity that these women (and weak men) confuse with messianism.  Not surprising, under a national ethos of What Serves My Power = Good.

So God withdraws his own, permitting the world its desires, all the Barabbases it can handle, the fullness of their wills.  God won’t always suffer his paraclete to restrain these forces . . . the People love their iniquities, love their tyrants,  punish rebuke, and hate obedience and restraint.   When the timber topples, and the restraint lifts, sa-tan will figure there’s nobody left to fear.   And he’ll be right.   For awhile.


Remember your guard dog?

Well I’m afraid that he’s gone

It was such a drag to hear him whining all night long



(“Revolution Blues”)


The Medic, the Maid, and the Island of Obedience

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After weeks becalmed, a fresh starboard breeze at last stirred, and we soon came in-sight of the strange and scorching shores.

Far far beyond the widely seas was the Isle of Obedience finally struck, a more propitious and gladful landing never was . . . beyond of Beyond, far across planet’s breadth, ‘neath the Southern Cross of Sodor Ozlandia.

Amidst the windlessness, a weary duck strayed in, fluttering, and went to walking and talking.  She adopted the First Mate’s sea-trunk as nest, and when later he showed her to me, beaming — and to my fellow deck-boy — we made him promise to let her stay, just as long as ever she wished.

Back in The Homelands, our left families and left friends, they all walk under their own stars . . . always adjusting the lighting for maximum exposure.

There, in the Old World, for a woman to obey is national betrayal — considered downright weakness, indignity, moral turpitude, and Failure to Progress (currently, a Gross Felony)

. . . but to little dynamo obedience-nectar, like some long-extinct tropical stamen, wandering in walkabout, somehow found bloomed and brided

. . . pleasant scented, tugging dynamo deckboy back hoverly, sip the good water, simple sweet water that hallows heavenFather . . . for his wisdom, his blessings, his tender and close care . . . we who don’t deserve even his least glance, unless of wrath.

The ship gyrates, our duckling tho fearful and feeling poor turns to God, calling his name — Father – asking for his Kingdom to save seasick sinking Urf.  

The First Mate becks us boys, and crew, and officers abovedeck.  He says Watch this

and our little duckling prays the Perfect Prayer, gifted to us by God’s own Son.

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven

Don’t miss out ask for it by Name shoppers!  over and over until we get it right.  Little dynamo does!  especially in the nightquiets, with co-deckboy snerkety-snoring, the First Mate a’watch, ship slow-rocking . . . thy Kingdom come thy Kingdom come thy Kingdom come fits the wave troughs, a soothing and beckoning mantra to still deckboy mindtempests.

Then suddenly, it’s morning.  Again already!  And the deckboys feel new.

Who knows if the duckling’s prayer, or YOUR plea for Kingdom Come, might just tiiiip the BigScale in favor of King Christ, touching the Father, prodding and budging the cosmic pivot towards DaddyKingdom?

The morning sky is dull crimson and full of war.  The other deckboy tosses a night-pail overboard, asks the First Mate:

When the Sodor Maid prayed, how high did the angels jump?

The First Mate goes:

How high would you like them to jump?

The deckboy said:

All the way.

Everybody laughed and went back to stations.

Now, precious as our foundling quacker is to the Captain, First Mate, officers and crew — and to her special friends (me and the other deckboy) — hearing her praying was even better than hearing of her recovery, or healing.  The suffering animal body passes away, but quacks to Father go out, and on . . . just keep paying off . . . like some hot-wired, coin-spewing, Spirit-conquered slot machine that just won’t quit, can’t quit, and finally bankrupts Las Vegas . . . the window and signets frozen eternally on WIN WIN WIN.

Dead cities, full of dead people, doing dead things and serving dead gods.  In The Homelands.   Whence we fled by sail.

These are strange new countries for everyone, our old methods and comforts are useless here.  Worse than useless:  velvet anchors.  Yet even here — here at the very bottom of the world — the only thing that never changes, that always matters, is who we are to Father.   Therefore the Captain named this island Obedience.

We have all grown very fond of our duckling, and consider her finding and prayer as omens of hope on our daily tasks.  Last night, the First Mate made space in his great wood-and-iron sea-chest for her settlement and comfort.  We hope she decides to stay.


The Quacker clearly loves me, was impossible to nab

so now we have befriended her, she rides inside my cab

She quacks at stations big and small

she quacks at people too

Now everyone calls her Donald’s Duck

but I call her My Quackeroo!

Twist and Shout: Whitsky in the Jar-O

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LBJ wading through aftermath of the Palm Sunday Tornado of April 11, 1965 — ‘midst broken masonry, and a downed solar knick-knack  — possibly a clock = termination of Solar Time


Hi there.  Remember us?  We’re the Paper Street Soap Company.


As I was goin’ over the Cork and Kerry Mountains

I saw Captain Farroh and his money he was counting

I first produced my pistol and then produced my rapier

I said stand and deliver or the devil he may take ya


I took all of his money and it was a pretty penny

I took all of his money and I brought it home to Jenny

She swore that she’d love me, never would she leave me

But the devil take that woman for you know she tricks me easy


Musha ring dum a doo dum a da

Whack for my daddy-o!

Whack for my daddy-o!


(Irish Traditional/Thin Lizzy)



Because the US, biblical Babylon-the-Great, is under judgment of magnitude and kind unprecedented for any historical nation — including Bab Uno — God ensures to “signature” major judgment events with indices attesting to intervention.  The etiology and purpose of the judgment typically reside in event elements.

Those who love God, and seek however humbly to please and delight him, are thereby comforted by the orderliness and necessity of sorrowful rebukes of idolatrous nations — product of human cooperation with satan and satanic systems.  Doesn’t mean it’s not painful.  But at least its endurable.

In early April 2012, twin twisters struck twin sisters, Dallas/Fort Worth, JFK groundzero.   Twenty-thirteen is 50-year anniversary of the JFKingkill.  Thirteenth year of century and millennium.  2013 or 2 -1- 3, zero as null = twin thirteens . . . redoubled rebellion in Maryka.

On September 8 , 2012, three days before the 9/11 anniversary, Dual BigFunnels whizzed New Yawk City.

In May of 2008 — four months after Pharaobama’s First Dynastic Succession — tornados struck in 3 swarm sequences, tearing up the Heartland of America, and points East.


darien georgia NWS Charleston SC May 10 2008








Darien, Georgia — May 10, 2008



In that swarm of May 7 – 15, 127 twisters slew 28 people across many Midwestern states, the deadliest killing 21 on May 10, tracking across Newton County, Missouri.  G lorious Emperor Obama’s Second Dynastic Succession was followed promptly by mass slayings at Newtown, Connecticut.  Two + New + Town.

Newtown II was followed promptly by calls for police as permanent school fixtures, and the outlawing of guns.  (Sigh.)

Missouri = Miss Whore I, spiritual state of Great Whore Bab; Connecticut = coagula i solve, foundational alchemical formula for operations, whether  khemical or mass-psychological.  Again, we witness the redux-rebuke theme prophesied by Jeremiah 16 and Revelation 18.

Pentecost Sunday and Mother’s Day — two exactly antipodal celebrations, in God’s sight — fell on May 11, 2008, midway twixt the Midwestern twisterstorms.  Simultaneously in Jonesville, an F2 damaged University of West Georgia dorms, and maintained the academic motif in Macon, trompling two buildings at Macon State College.

Not the teachings God wants?  Just a wild guess.

Pentecost vs. Mothers and their Day, who oh who shall America worship?   Holy God or Itself?

The wise and experienced Reverend Susan Blaine of the United Church of Christ in Cleveland, Ohio, solved the prollem, that whirly May 11th.  Reverend Susie guides her flock’s Pentecost, transforming it into a Radical Mothers Day “prayer.”

Too bad the twisters missed Reverend Susie and fellow priestess Ann L. (“Angel”) Hanson, Minister for Sexuality Education and Justice, of the church’s Justice and Witness Ministries.

Hoo baby.  Oh well there’s always next time.


A Brief Detour into Pentecost

Beloved and brave Christ resurrected on the Hebrew holy day called Feast of First Fruits, and after appearing to a mixed group, remained with his apostles forty days.  His presence greatly comforted and strengthened them, an irrefutable confirmation of his love, of their faith, and an illustration of Father’s restorative power.

As his ministry began, Jesus warned against blaspheming against the “holy ghost,” and just before death, he promised the grief-stricked apostles to send this same “comforter.”   Interference with the paraclete is the ONLY sin that the KING OF FORGIVENESS stated would not be excused.   

After Jesus’ ascencion, the apostles and close allies snuck around, in suspicion and worry.  Their hearts plummeted and strove, knowing Christ wouldn’t re-appear during their mortal lives.

Both the Temple Priesthood and the Romans were hunting followers of Christ, seeking to forestall dissidence, potential rioting, and –worst of all — belief.  The apostles huddled together, having water and food smuggled in, hoping to keep Belial off-trail.

They shook and suffered nine loooong days before Jesus called his paraclete, on the 50th day after his eminently satisfactory Resurrection, propelling the apostles missionward with sureness and courage.   Which they would need.  (Biblically, nine = completion, conclusion, or judgment.)

The Hebrews celebrated Pentecost as the original hour of descent, when God went down to Mount Sinai and Moses went up, getting Spirit horsepowered, retrieving the basic Law for the Tribes.  As with Christ, the paraclete has no autonomous power to inspire, protect, comfort, heal, or anything else.  Both are only conduits from Father, the source.

Despite his royal upbringing under Pharaoh, Moses was possibly the most humble, simple, self-effacing guy the race has produced.   Must be an ottie.  :O)   The paraclete requires receptacles of humility, of desire for service to God, and of obedience.

Not much of that around in the Land of the Self.

The Pentecostal paraclete trailed Christ’s first Advent, and announces second Advent, called out of Father by Christ to comfort and guide until the King returns.

Now let’s gossimer back temporally, from Pentecost Sunday oops we mean Mothers Day Sunday on May 11, 2008 — a date directly amidship the deadly May 7 – 15 tornadofest across Mid-Amaryka.

Less than four months before l.d. arrived in September 1953, a three-day twister bonanza — the infamous Waco Outbreak – whaled on Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, killing 114 in Waco alone, for a total of 144 in the outbreak.  Again, a doubling judgment, as 114 and 144 are co-sets, 111 and 444.

Heaviest toll occured on May 11 of ’53 – the Waco Tornado, deadliest in TX since 1900. The outbreak spanned May 9 to May 11, precogging the Twin Towers strikes on 9/11/2001.  Biblically nine = judgment, or finishing-off; eleven = imperfection, chaos, disintegration; and thirteen = rebellion.



According to an old Huaco Native American legend, tornadoes could not touch down in Waco. Most storms in the area travel from west to east and split around the Waco area due to the bluffs around the Brazos River, making tornadoes and extreme weather relatively rare and mild in the city. The 1953 storm, however, traveled against the prevailing winds, and the tornado approached Waco from the south-southwest.


Guess the Huacos were rong about Waco n tornados.  The Bible’s a bit better than “medicine” men and wandering spirits at prediction.

The Waco Whack travelled against the prevailing winds.  Itsa hint.  Taint nat’chal.

Last October our dreary and unpopular Loser Blog chirped:


Simultaneously on Oct 24, Sandy mounted-up from tropical wave/depression, into Carribbean Sea hurricane. A few days thence, ‘stead of Going Quietly and tugging out east to the Atlantic, Sandy took an uncharacteristic turn landward, “backing up” against meteorology, inverting the standard late-season hurricane-trail.



 The Palm Sunday Tornado Trinity of 1920, 1965, and 1994










1965 Palm Sunday path


Moving forward again, twelve apostolic years, the Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1965 in the Midwest spunout almost entirely on Sunday, April 11, another SpinCycle on an 11th — biblical numeral of disintegration, chaos, imperfection — in a nation and world unprepared for its King . . . neither with palm-branches, nor with open palms of worship, friendship, and love.   A nation still staggering, mindblasted, two years after JFK’s murder and the NWO/Masonic Installation over Love Field.

In fact, God has konked America three times with massive tornado outbreaks on Palm Sundays, mocking the feminine trinity at true Kore of America, where instead should be Midwestern masculinity and righteousness, worshipping our true King, praying for his re-entry into Jeru-salem.

God poured out every good thing upon this nation, before he poured out any bad thing.  We are without excuse.

On April 11, 1965, little dynamo was 12 years old, preparing for his upcoming Confirmation at his boyhood Catholic Church by attending Palm Sunday Mass with his dad.  Confirmation recapitulates Pentecost, symbolizing fitness of a boy to begin receiving mature counsel and wisdom from God, or his servants.  Confirmation/Pentecost is a boy’s birthday of spiritual communion, his mind opening to receive God’s living spirit of truth — and to begin making war upon this world, satan’s world — even in a youngster’s naive and inept ways.

At Confirmation or related non-Catholic moment, certain boys (whichever Christ decides) are indwelled by the actual Spirit of the Father, though the effect is usually quite latent.  The boys are protected in certain ways against the inevitable spiritual attacks to come, and given general road-maps in time-release capsules.   (This does not infer that only Catholic boys undergo such experiences.)

Confirmation is the third, and final, Catholic initiatic rite, after Baptism and First Communion.  Following Confirmation, boys after Father’s heart must start being about his business.

At the Second Vatican Council (1962 -1965) the Catholic Church again betrayed its extent of co-option by Satan, and by “Mary,” i.e., stellar Shinar, fallen spirit of Babylon.  VAT II gutted the Catholic Mass and Sacraments, under cover of “progress” and “accessibility” and lotsa other fine-sounding goobers.  Few lay folk or priests had any warning of underlying alterations to the spiritual realm via such “progress.”

Consider Rome’s timing: JFK’s just been plucked off the tessallates, RFK and MLK are in-sighted, and bingo! the Chaldean occultists dominate America’s high seats of power.  Babylon is conquered without challenge . . . without even stirring from slumber. 

With Mary in the atmospheres and hearts, and the global religion of feminism sweeping Earth, suddenly Vatican Rome — at a swoop — removes the manly, isolated Sacrament of Confirmation, the Spirit’s Seal of inceptive manhood, relegating it to a cameo within a Standard Mass . . . edging it deftly into mere formality, a pat tableaux of mini-ceremony, smushed-in after the Gospel and sermon . . . while the congregants are already half-snoozed!  lol . . . yea on a warm and drowsy 1965 June late-morn, as the line of boys shuffles forward, with more Stuff the peeps have to sit through after the new Big  Nothing Confirmation Sacrament.   Thingy.

Just like that, Christ’s promised paraclete — the spirit of truthfire in an hour of lies — is nonchalanced, yoked to a staid, placid plod of beer-horse, while we boys wandered through a perfunctory “procession” during Mass . . . not a transformational blaze from the Emanation of our Holy Father, brought forth by Jesus Himself with ferocious love . . . but a mere side-dish.  Unremarkable.  Uninspiring.  Unmemorable.

. . . not really a living, existing being at all, come to think of it . . . no just some vague, turgid, liturgical walk-through that no modern boy — and no real Christian — need be concerned about.

FLUUUUUSHHH!   Ah!   That’s better!   So much for the (former) “Sacrament of Confirmation.”   Ain’t progress Great?!

Obviously, the planetary SS of Shinar and Satan were guiding-spirits behind Vatican II.

Two months before Confirmation, while we clutched leaves-of-peace during that Palm Sunday Mass of April 11, 1965, an F4 annihilated the Midway Trailer Park in Dunlap, Indiana, killing fourteen as a rare double-funnel tornado.


Again, the dopple-theme typifying judgments against Babylon.

Being drunk and weary I went to Jenny’s chamber

Taking my money with me and I never knew the danger

For about six or maybe seven in walked Captain Farroh

I jumped up,  fired off my pistols and I shot him with both barrels


So musha ring dum a doo dum a da

Whack for my daddy-o!

Whack for my daddy-o!


Palm sunday april 11 1965 Midway Trailer Park Indiana












Midway Trailer Park bi-cells, Palm Sunday, April 11, 1965


The tornado then proceeded to Devils Lake/Manitou (Man I Two) Beach, in Michigan, slaying 23 (like 33, a masonic “prime number”). This occurs at EXACTLY 00:00 hours UTC on Palm Sunday, April 11, 1965.

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’ entry into Jersusalem, as King, lowly cloaked as Lamb.  Jeru-salem, peace, is center of the spiritual world on Earth.  God sends the Devil’s Lake tornado judgment at the very moment that Universal Time ticks over into Palm Sunday the 11th.  The twin-tornado is a foreshock of meteorologic and geologic upheavals that will accompany Christ’s second Advent, or entry into terran atmosphere, and then into Jerusalem.  The doubled destruction refracts the doubled Advent.  

Devil’s Lake is “notified.”

Christ’s arrival kickstarts the Kingdom of the Father.

The Solar Time of Solar Rites — Lucifer, Shinar, Assur, the fallen angels — ends.

The “universal clock” returns to 00:00.

Jesus sits down on the Throne, and looks around Erf, seeing that it is Good needs work.

Still not convinced?  :O)


Try this.   At 00:40 hours Universal Time Code — EXACTLY forty minutes after the FIRST strike on Manitou/Devils Lake — a SECOND F4 tornado blasts through the SAME PATH . . . putting the “two” in Manitou Beach!  and razing Devils Lake . . . a firewind casting waves of confusion upon Confusion.

What’re the probablilities on THAT?   :O)   We will wait while actuaries actuize.

Forty is biblical number of passage, trial in wilderness, redemption.

Babylon = Shinar = what humans have called “The Goddess.”  The state reaping that Palm Sunday whirlwind was Indiana = in Diana, name of one of Rome’s favorite fem-demons . . . famous for her blood-sacrificial groves and cult-rites at Nemi.  (See James Frazer.)  Thus, spiritual Rome’s true deity (goddess/woman) is rebuked concurrent with political Rome’s (Vaticanate) evisceration of the Confirmation/Pentecost rite — a backhanded and occulted attempt to elevate “the goddess” while demotng God’s paraclete.

But but, you say . . . that was way back in the olden days, chariots and circensus, when everybody wore robes and leafy hats.  All that’s gone now, right?  We don’t believe in Groves n Goddesses, in unscientific myths and superstitions anymore, right? 

First stop that unpacific 1965 Palm Sunday, reflecting the lion, and not lamb Advent, was Midway Trailer Park. Midway = the “carne-vale” area of the circus, glitzy meatmarket, shakedown shakeytown of lights and games, illusion and deceit, ensorcelment and enslavement.  The World. 

But suddenly, the Midway and its carny Trailerpark is . . . gone. (Soon to be followed by its proprietress.)

The ’65 twin-tornado photo above was by Paul (Pic) Huffman of the local Elkhart Truth newspaper.  A hart is a male deer, usually denoting an adult male deer.   Here, truth contrasts with midway = deceit, the Goddess and Belial.

An elk (or wapiti)  is a deer sub-species of especial girth.  Elkhart thus dopplewords, a definitional repetition, deer-deer to match the twin-judgment taking place.   The nature of the rebuke is contained in the periodical’s moniker, Truth.   Remember that Christ warns he will forgive offenses against Himself — but not against the “comforter” and “spirit of truth.”

Someone must comfort the comforter. 

Elkhart Truth, then, in-forms the News, a stage-name of Jesus’ “spirit of truth.”  Christ is the manifestation of Truth — how that particular Principle from Father incarnates in a being . . . something quite different indeed, and far greater, than a paraclete . . . only a carrier of truth. 


Some things I remember seeing, a 2 x 12 , 12 foot long stuck in a ditch bank about 1/2 way. Lots of grass straw stuck in telephone poles, dead chickens stuck in broken trees with no feathers left, lumber and cloths everywhere. A dead cow way up in a broken tree, Mud, Mud and More Mud. In the bare field behind where the huge barn used to be a refrigerator standing upright in the middle of the field with an old spice cologne bottle sitting right on top. No mud on the refrigerator, I know that seems impossible but there it was.

President Johnson came to town, Mom took us to the corner of County Road 6 and Cassopolis street and we watched the President and all the limos and Cars drive south on Cassopolis street. I remember the president looked right at us.

Funny what you remember sometimes. 


Ain’t it funny tho?   HarDHar . . . LBJ limosining through woe’s aftermath, agony he directly helped cause . . . heeheehoohoohaha there’s Mister President, Johnson County Masonic Lodgemember Lyndon, down-country wif de Little Folk, surveying the craftsmanship.   Shecks.   What a shame it all is, eh Claudia?

Another Palm Sunday Tornado Trinity outbreak ravaged U.S. states on March 28, 1920, upwards of 500 deaths.   The first severe cells bonded just west of Chicago — America’s Second Babylonic City, still rising.   That year in California, the Rosicrucians founded their (public and presented) temple, while in Chicago, a few months before the Palm Sunday twisters, the League of Women Voters spawned.

Talk about bonded cells!   No cancer was ever so efficient.










The first tornado injury on Palm Sunday 1920 was in Springfield, Missouri.  “Springfield” is a notorious occult term, usually indicating Demetrian/Cerelean/Dianic grain-goddess, libidic, blood-sacrificial rituals.  Missouri = Miss-houri or Miss Whore I.

The F4 polished-off Illinois with seven deaths in West Liberty, Indiana.  West Liberty = Goddess Libertas manifest in Western World, i.e., Shinar; Indiana = in Diana, a geopolitic within the “spiritual body of the demon-goddess.”

Finally, on March 27, 1994, the third and final outbreak of the Palm Sunday Trinity: an F4 collapsed the roof of the Goshen United Methodist Church onto congregants below.   The church was in Piedmont, Alabama, in St. Clair County.   Clair is another notorious “fortean” or occult word; the St. Clairs are controlling clan of Northern Scotland, homehive of Scottish Rite Masonry — probably the chief masonic organization current, although masonry is like Babylon itself — a jumble and sometmes synthesis of occultisms.   Two other St. Clair County churches were struck, with total casualties at 22.

The Land of Goshen anciently was in the eastern Nile Delta.   When Joseph was Vizier of Egypt — still hidden to his Hebrew brethren — he settled his brothers on Goshen’s extravagant delta soil.   The first Exodus of the israel-lights departed from Goshen.

Thus, the ancient land of bondage was fertile and excellent, and the living was comparatively easy.   Even for slaves.

. . . making flight into the hostile unknown, into scorchy snaky nasty wilderness, less-than-appetizing for many Hebrews.   Likewise our lives in Egypt/Babylon, where the modern israel-lights remain — as The Zodiac gloatingly put it — paradice slaves.   Bonds self-clamped, crafted of prides and pleasures and vanities.

On Palm Sunday of 1994 — already very late in the Latter Days, according to God’s Clock — Goshen United Methodist Church received a judgment echoing the plague series against ancient Pharaoh . . . and the great Horned Continent that transfixed the Chosen Ones fast in Goshen.

By 1994, the collective “roof” or spiritual covering of American churches was already rotted and collapsing, like the nation generally.   Spiritually, the Goshen message is obvious: whether stuck in ancient Egpyt, or in modern U.S.A. — flee! get out!

The exodus is from the ways — not necessarily the soil — of Babylon-the-Great.  Judgments will continue until compliance or conflagrance.



— the May 7 – 15, 2008, swarm of 127 tornados rotated upon a calendric axis — the May 11 Pentecost vs. Mother’s Day hinge, war secreted in the date, ripping the Heartland like a false temple-veil.

— the May 11, 1953 Waco Tornado, walking backwards, against the wind.

— the Palm Sunday Tornado Trinity of 1920, 1965, and 1994, answering the planetary triune-Goddess, homebased in America . . . progressing judgments against a progressively rebellious Pretender.


In the UK, they call Pentecost Whitsun.

From Naturewallbase.  Little dynamo titles it White Sun in Jar.  :O)












Now some men like the fishing and some men like the fowling

And some men like ta hear a cannon ball a rollin’

Me I like sleeping in my Jenny’s chamber

But here I am in prison, here I am with a ball and chain-o


















But musha ring dum a doo dum a da

Whack for my daddy-o!

Whack for my daddy-o!

There’s whitsky in the jar-o


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